Zenith Bank Ussd Code

Zenith Bank Ussd Code For Smooth And Easy Transactions

All banks in Nigeria have a ussd code (Mobile Money Code) which is aimed to improve their quality of service, Zenith bank is not found wanting in this regard. Behold, zenith bank code.

Zenith bank transfer code is an easy way to transact, pay bills, transfer money, purchase airtime and may more by just dialling a shortcode on your phone.

*966# is the ussd code for zenith bank mobile transfer code as it is popularly called.

We all experience those days when we are in dire need of a quick resolution, whether to check account balance, open a zenith account, purchase airtime, pay bills and much more.

Time is never on our side but we still need to do the needful, Zenith Bank Mobile Money Code makes you get your transaction is done at any time, any day and instantly.

Like it has been said in our related posts about Mobile Banking , you do need to have internet enabled phone. All you need is any phone with the mobile number connected to your account.

Cool right? Sure it is. Why not save yourself this stress of this long queue common in the banking hall and take advantage of the Zenith Bank Easy Banking Code?

Salivating already? We can’t wait too as we will want you to experience a new feel of breath as you use it to your own advantage.

How to open Account with Zenith Bank using *966#

  • You do not need to visit the banking hall to get an account opened for you. You can have it opened for you even right at the comfort of your home by dialing *966*0#
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete.
  • You will be sent your account number via SMS upon completion.
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How to submit your Bank Verification Number (BVN) using zenith bank ussd code

  • If you have already had your BVN with you, you can update or submit your bvn by dialing *966*BVN# on the mobile number registered with the bank.
  • Remember, without BVN correctly updated to your account, you won’t be able to fully access your account.
  • If you have never registered for BVN before, you will need to do that at any bank.

How to Transfer Money Using zenith bank ussd code

  • To transfer money, dial *966*Amount*Account Number# i.e *966*3000*1234567891# from the mobile number registered with Zenith Bank.
  • Follow on-screen prompts.

How to recharge your mobile number using zenith bank ussd code *966#

Buying airtime for yourself or for family and friends is now easy with zenith bank ussd code. You can do that by following instructions which will be provided below.

  • For self-recharge, dial *966*Amount# i.e *966*500#
  • To top up family and friends, dial *966*amount*mobile number# i.e *966*500*0812345678#

How to reset your banking (ussd) pin and password with zenith bank ussd code

  • If you detect someone has access to your pin or you forget your pin, you can reset it by dialling *966*60# on the mobile phone connected to your bank account.
  • Follow on-screen prompts

How to check your account balance using zenith bank ussd code *966#

Who says you can’t have your bank on the go? You do not need to go to your bank or atm stand to confirm your account balance. All can be done with just your zenith bank transfer code.

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You can have it instantly by dialling *966*00# on the mobile number registered with the bank and follow the on-screen prompts.

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