Things to consider before buying a laptop in Nigeria

10 Things To Consider When Buying A New Laptop In Nigeria

Laptops are technological gadgets that are used for work, and personal purposes. Purchasing a new laptop in Nigeria can be complex because people risk getting cheated. Cheated in the sense of getting compelled to buy a laptop with minimal functions for a high price, or getting an underperforming laptop.
There are several things to look out for when trying to purchase a laptop system, and this publication will act as a guide towards helping you make the right choice in terms of price, durability, and functions.

1. Brand

HP, Apple, Dell, Acer, ASUS, and the like come to mind when we think of laptop brands. Each laptop has its symbolic identity, as well as what they are best known for. For example, although laptops perform similar functions, iOS computer systems are known to outrank other brands in terms of speed and functionality.
This does not mean that you should make Apps laptops your priority when purchasing a new system, but other brands come can be considered an alternative to iOS laptops, and they are HP, ASUS, etc.

2. Processor

Every computer features a processor, and just as the human brain is responsible for processing all activities of the human body, so also does a laptop processor help execute commands, and carry out functions.
The central processing unit (CPU) determines the capacity of every computer system, it’s thus recommended that you look out for laptops with Intel Core i7, Core i9, or AMD Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9 processors as they are ideal for multitasking, playing video games, etc.

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3. Battery Durability

Another feature you need to look out for before purchasing a laptop is the battery capacity. Everyone is aware of the poor rate of power supply in Nigeria, and running operations on a laptop with minimal battery power can limit your aims and objectives.
Do note that the size of a laptop does not determine the battery capacity of a laptop. For example, most people feel mini laptops usually have minimal battery life because of their size, meanwhile, a mini laptop battery is durable just as the standard-sized computer system.

4. Size

The size of your laptop computer determines its mobility status. For example, a friend of mine used to have a laptop that was heavy to carry, and big enough to accommodate all space in his backpack. A heavy-weight laptop computer is not a benchmark for accelerating functions in your computer system.
You can purchase a mini or lightweight computer that features the same RAM, processor, and storage capacity as compared with big laptops.

5. Price

The price of a laptop computer is another important factor to look out for. Most people feel that high-priced computers are equipped with specific functions. Meanwhile, the high price of a laptop does not guarantee high durability or improved functions, and you don’t have to break the bank to purchase laptops that are good for gaming, or other specified functions.

6. Storage Space

The storage capacity of a laptop also affects its functionality. Computer systems comprises two types of storage device which are the hard disk and the solid-state drives. You should consider choosing a laptop with a hard disk drive because they are price friendly, and have a large amount of storage capacity to the latter.
You should only purchase laptops that have the right amount of storage capacity that meets your needs.

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7. RAM

Do not be among the list of people who set out to the market to purchase a laptop computer without checking the RAM specifications. A laptop’s RAM capacity determines how fast the computer will process data irrespective of the size of the computer.
A laptop with 4GB RAM is good enough for basic operations, but you should consider PCs with 8GB RAM or above specifications if you’re into gaming, programming, graphics design, etc for a seamless work program.

8. Keyboard

Modern laptops are usually built with various enticing components, and these include the keyboard. Keyboards are input devices that send commands to the computer, and there’s every possibility that you’ve seen an Apple keyboard lighting up making it easier to navigate on the go.
Keyboard lighting may be an important factor for you to look out for, and you’ll find various brands that offer keyboard lighting. What’s important is choosing a laptop that’s comfortable enough to press, does not make noise during clicks, etc.

9. Display

Choose a laptop with high screen resolutions. This will help you maintain your focus while carrying out digital operations on your laptops.
A laptop display should be a priority if you want to gain the best experience while playing games, programming, graphics, or other work activities that will require you to stare at the screen for long hours.

10. External Build

Another thing you should consider is the external build of your computer system. Ensure that the laptop looks enticing, and has at least two minimum USB ports and other connectivity ports to help take in command.

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In conclusion, this guide will help you make the right choice among alternatives when purchasing a laptop in Nigeria rather than going to purchase a gadget that may not serve a specific purpose.
Understand your needs and reasons for wanting a laptop before heading to the market to make your purchase. Your proposed activity on the computer system will determine the type of RAM, storage device, processor, battery power, sizing, and other features that meet your needs.

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