How To Find A Business Mentor

How To Find A Business Mentor: 10 Places To Look

Having a business mentor can make your business more likely to succeed. This is because you can learn how to run your business better by listening to someone who has been there and done that.

Also, the tips they provide will help you move faster as you can consistently learn from their past mistakes as well as the wealth of experience

Business mentors are everywhere but how do you find a business mentor who will share insights and provide support to help your business thrive?

The answers will be listed for you in this publication. After, you will be able to scout the proper mentor that can help your business grow.

Who Is A Business Mentor?

A business mentor is someone with the right knowledge to help you scale your business. They are people who are willing to walk you through all the hurdles of running a business by sharing their past experiences in strategic planning, resource management, etc.

A successful business owner is a perfect example of a business mentor, but may not be a perfect choice since they mostly don’t have time to spare in guiding newbies. However, if you are able to get one. This will not only help your business but also help you as a person.

The benefits of having a business mentor are limitless when you put the valuable lessons into practice. Aside from the guidance and counseling benefits to help spring up your business, you can also tap from their influences with other successful people from different spheres of life.

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How To Find A Business Mentor: 10 Places To Look

Personal Network

How To Find A Business Mentor

The first place to look when in search of a mentor should be people you have deep connections with and that is if they are available. You can ask people such as your friends or relatives who have been successful in their respective businesses for guidance and counseling in your business.

If none of your friends or relatives fit into this criteria, you can expand the search to their cycle of friends, and see if you can find the perfect one for your business.

Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Reddit, X, Thread, Instagram)

The primary advantage of social media platforms is for virtual interaction however entrepreneurs and business managers can also leverage this space in finding themselves a mentor.

You can always use the search icon on any social media platform to find relevant tags, profiles, groups, and pages that will be beneficial to your business growth. Using specific keywords can also help speed up your search for a mentor.

Professional Coaches

How To Find A Business Mentor

Professional mentors are the best option when looking for a mentor since they dedicate their time and resources to helping new businesses prosper.

You can find professional business coaches everywhere who will help you manage your resources and leverage them for the success of your business. You can use the online space to find professional coaches or attend events related to your business focus.


LinkedIn social platform has everything you need for your business or career including finding yourself a mentor. It is a great space to find people who share similar ideas with you, work in the same industry as you, or have achieved a tremendous amount of success in their business.

You can find yourself a business mentor who will guide your business to success by using the LinkedIn search icon. If you find someone who matches the criteria of a business mentor on LinkedIn, all you have to do is regularly engage in their content before you start asking them questions.

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Networking Via Industry-Related Events

One of the right places to look for a mentor will be at conferences, talk shows, webinars, etc. You just have to find the right event that matches your business niche in order to connect with other business gurus.

You can discover all of these events by subscribing to blogs or company newsletters that are similar to your business focus in order to stay aware of trending events. Another method of finding this type of event is using the Facebook social media platform to discover events that are happening soon.

A quick tip: find a way to interact with other business professionals online or physically, and you may be one step away from finding yourself a mentor.

Online Forums

Joining an online forum that is related to your business niche may be a perfect option for finding yourself a mentor. These forums attract business professionals, and people with bright ideas who will come share their experiences.

You can engage in discussions on these forums or ask questions regarding your business. Distance barriers may pose a challenge between yourself and your chosen mentor on online forums, but you can however choose to put their counsel into practice in your business.

Cold Email + Cold Calling

This approach to finding a business mentor is unconventional; it entails conducting research on admired, and successful entrepreneurs and procuring their contact information.

After getting their contact detail, you now reach out to them through their email or phone call and express your admiration for their past achievements, then ask them to provide helpful tips and guidance to help boost your business growth.

Partnership With Nonprofit Organizations

Volunteering to partner with nonprofit organizations has proven to be a great networking channel. Aside from portraying your business in a positive light, you get to connect with people from different spheres of life, and retirees in their respective fields.

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You can always learn something new from members of a non-profit organization, and may further ask for personal counsel from members of the organization.

Alumni Association

Tertiary institutions usually have an alumni association which are made up of former students and among them, you might find people who have been successful in a similar path you are able to take.

This is one of the best places to quickly find a mentor for your business. You can reach out to a suitable member of the alumni network and ask for help and guidance.

Join Mentorship Platforms

Several online platforms are committed to connecting people with mentors, and professional coaches. You can take advantage of platforms like Score, Growth Mentor, Pelion, and more to find the right mentor. Some of these online platforms are free to use while some may require you to make payments.

However, these online platforms have proven very helpful to business entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for support and expert advice from experienced business gurus.

Benefits of Having A Mentor

  • Networking opportunities with their acquaintances.
  • Potential partnership opportunities with thriving businesses.
  • Increased productivity, and revenue generation in your business.
  • Limited time delegated to solving complex problems.
  • Improved skills and resource management.


A mentor with the right academic background, and skills, or within an industry that matches your business can put your business on the right path. You can find a mentor through social media and attending physical conferences. These are among the easier ways to meet and connect with someone who can make your business grow.

You can expand your search for a business mentor outside of the 10 places outlined in this publication. Potential mentors are everywhere from your favorite bar, to physical stores, and many more. You just have to be willing to strike up a conversation to get to know that stranger, and you could be on the path to improving your business or career.

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