Best Photo Editing Software For Windows 11

8 Best Photo Editing Software For Windows 11 {Free & Paid)

Have you always thought about improving your image quality on your Windows PC the same way you do on your mobile?

Sometimes, you will want to adjust the tone of your captured image, edit, crop, or give it a better adjustment.

There are reliable editing apps that even professional photographers can use to make their already beautiful taken pictures even come out better than they were. These tools are endowed with lots of features. The photo software are enough to handle everything you throw at it,

If you are using Windows 11 or any version, you will instantly fall in love with these image editing software that were developed to enhance your image. The software should be good for both personal use or at professional level.

The hard work has already been done for you. You just need to pick your preferred one out of the Top 8 image picture editing application for your PC. They have been tested and confirmed to meet the requirements needed to run smoothly on your Windows 11.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software for Windows 11

1. Photoworks

Photoworks is truly an amazing image editing software anyone will love. It is small in size yet comes with power-packed features to make your images come out better. It is available for download on all versions of Windows including Windows 11.

With this wonderful piece of work, you have a great chance of converting a supposed bad image to an image worthy of gracing the front cover of any popular magazine.

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There are several tools to use such as background change, enhancement, giving light to dull colors, healing any imperfection, applying effects, contrast adjustment, batch editing, and more.

Being an Artificial Intelligence powered editor, you now have the freedom to create something very special without the least effort. The intelligent photo editor, Photoworks is a paid software but there is a free trial for everyone looking to explore.

2. GIMP (GNU image manipulation program)

If you are looking for a good alternative to the popular Adobe Photoshop, GIMP is a nice addition. It is a free open-source image editing software that is so similar to what Adobe Photoshop offers.

It has several capabilities and tools such as cloning, healing, masking, tool selections, filters, and painting, to name a few. The app is totally free despite the amazing features it possesses.

3. PicsArt

This is a name that most people will be familiar with, especially during the glory days of the Blackberry device. PicsArt has not left the market and still remains a force to be reckoned with.

It is powerful and endowed with almost everything you need to make your picture shine better. On the App, you have quite a list, they include exposure, contrast, color management, and many more. It is not just a photo editor but also serves as a video editor. With PicsArt, you have both worlds of photos and videos.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express should be an easy choice if you are looking for an editor from a well-established name. Adobe is a global name and you can expect so much from them. This app is more like an easy version of Adobe Photoshop, with just a single click, you can make adjustments.

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You can come up with quality images with it irrespective of the default quality. There are several exceptional tools that you can utilize to make it happen, such as whitening teeth, healing brush, split tone, color, light, red eyes correction, etc.

5. Luminar Neo

There is so much any good photo lover will be excited about when it comes to Luminar. It is powered by AI which makes it an interesting one to get on your Windows 11. With just a click, you can make very noticeable changes to your images using AI tools like dust removal, background removal, supersharp and noiseless.

The interface is very easy to understand and use. Even a newbie will easily know his way around the various tools and how to exploit them. You can retouch, reduce or remove blemishes, adjust color, and even do more.

Luminar Neo is not free. However, the value that it provides will be worth more than you paid for it.

6. Fotor

Fotor is a simple editor yet has some of the best-sophisticated image tools. With the app, you can create something special for your social media or any other platform. You can edit, crop, change backgrounds, remove imperfections, make photo collages, and even design graphics.

It is a web and desktop application that will no doubt give you flexibility, that is you have the option of using it as an online photo editor or carry out your editing on the app. The advantage that Fotor app has over the online editor is you can work without the need to connect to the internet.

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7. Canva

Canva is becoming popular these days, especially among bloggers and graphic designers mostly due to its user-friendly interface. It is very easy to use and very powerful like most image editors. It is offered as an online and desktop app with rich features. To use the app, you will need to create an account.

Users have the option of choosing between the free and paid plan. For the free plan, you will be unable to access some premium tools. However, the free plan should be enough to handle basic tasks.

It is not just an image editor, but can also be used to create compelling graphic designs whether from scratch or from its plethora of templates. Even if you are no graphic designer, the simple drag and drop feature will let you create something beautiful.

8. Inpixio

It is still a surprise that Inpixio is yet to garner attention from around the world. This may also have been caused by its lack of support for mobile devices. The app is quite something despite its simple appearance and tools.

Inpixio is made for people who need to make their images extraordinary without putting much effort. It might look simple and so basic to the eye, but this app is more than that. Within the shortest time possible, you can quickly achieve something that goes beyond the basic.

It is also free to use despite its arrays of one-click tools of effects, frames, and other kinds of manipulation. Users can also upgrade to the paid plan if they are looking for more.

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