Alat app by wema bank

Alat app by wema bank | Save more & Enjoy loan Facility

Alat is wema bank’s digital bank to help you take control of your banking commitments as well as help you save more. Alat is second to none, Nigeria’s first digital bank.

You heard it right, in its class of its own. This app was built to fully answered to almost all your banking needs. Intend to save more or just want to make use of the loan facility available on the app? All are just taps away from you.

Alat is different from the regular app in the sense that it is built using the old banking service and linked up with digital ways of banking. The average banking apps offer you transfer service, airtime purchase, and bill payments. With alat by wema, you do not need to visit the banking hall for a debit card, tender documents or valid ID card as requested. Have your alat debit card sent to your home or wherever you want it sent.

Wema bank has mostly been in the business of depositing and withdrawal services which are actually the core banking services.
No one enjoys that long queue in the bank, that can be avoided with the Alat by wema bank, an app which puts almost every of your banking products right in from you.

Are you trying to make a transfer? Why leaving the comfort of your home or place of work when you can just send a command using Alat app. There are lots of things so great about wema’s alat, it is just one app but the benefits are immense.
Let me ignore the access to loan facility on alat app by wema bank for now, I promise to reveal it in this article.

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Let me correct this perversion before I move on to the unique benefits of using alat wema.
You probably have heard people using alat bank as if it is a commercial bank? Alat bank is a misrepresentation of what Alat really stands for. Alat is an app by wema bank which is created to help you with most of your banking needs.

Immense benefits of Alat Wema Bank

  • Easy, quick, secure and convenient to use.
  • Account opening in just less than 5 minutes.
  • Pay bills right from the app.
  • Make use of scheduled payment feature on bills.
  • Use it with any bank cards in Nigeria.
  • App is available for android and ios devices (iPhone & Ipad).
  • Use virtual card anytime, convert dollar to naira for online payments.
  • Take charge of your bank card right from the app.
  • Use it as your piggybank by saving fund with automated goal saving.
  • Take instant loan right from the app with no collateral.
  • You can buy insurance policies and pay premium right from alat app.
  • Avoid hidden charges.
  • Alat gives you 10% of your total amount unlike when you use piggybank.
  • Get your card delivered wherever you are at no charge.

How to open an account on Alat app by Wema bank

  • To sign up on Alat App By Wema Bank, go to your mobile store and download Alat app by wema. Alat for android and Alat for ios are available mobile platforms that are supported.
  • After installation on your smartphone, open the app and click on sign up.
  • Your phone number and BVN are mostly what you need to open an account from the app without the need to make your presence at any branch.
  • After you have completed the application process, you will receive a status report on your mobile number.
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Alat loan by wema bank

As a customer of wema bank, you can access credit facility subject to approval. Just a few questions and you can receive the cash immediately if you are qualified.

You will receive notice after the team has run a check after your loan request. Like every loan apps in Nigeria, the key to getting a loan approved is to score high on your credit result. If you had a history with defaulting payments or lack of healthy revenue, you will find it difficult to get a loan.

As an Alat lite account holder, you will not be able to get a loan until you upgrade. To upgrade, you must upload any government-issued ID Card.
The govt-issued Identity card that can be used is National ID card, driver’s license, international passport, and permanent voters card.

A scanned copy of the utility bill whose address is matching the one on your profile and not more than 3 months will also be uploaded on Alat.

After loan approval, try to pay in time to avoid action by wema bank. When you fail to pay back your loan when due, you will be charged a late fee and you might get blacklisted.
Being blacklisted means you will be unable to get any more loan from wema bank plc and other participating companies or govt owned establishments.

How to create a virtual dollar card for online shopping

  • Open your Alat wema by clicking on it.
  • Tap CARDS on the menu.
  • Go to ALAT DOLLAR CARD and tap.
  • Go to CREATE NEW CARD, enter the amount in naira and click on CREATE CARD.
  • Enter your Alat Pin and click on CONFIRM
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How to save on Alat wema bank

  • Open Alat app on your mobile phone.
  • Click savings and investment on your app.
  • Create a goal and give it a name.
  • Start saving towards your goals.

How to withdraw with no card using Alat wema bank

  • Open your ALAT APP on either of android or ios phone.
  • Provide the needed details and confirm the transfer using your Alat pin.
  • A paycode will be sent to you which will be used on the ATM.
  • Go to any ATM and press ENTER
    click on quickteller cardless or enter the paycode on the platform if it requested for that. This depends on the bank atm you used for withdrawal.
  • Enter the cashout pin.
  • Type the amount you want to withdraw from the ATM.

How to earn cash with a referral program on AlatMake money on alat

Do you know you earn NGN10,000 by just referring 10 people? For each person who uses your referral code, you make NGN1,000.
  • Open the installed app, Alat app by wema bank on your smartphone.
  • Click on sign up and enter the correct information into the blank spaces.
  • Your phone number and BVN will be needed to complete the registration.
  • Lets assume you have already been fully registered on Alat app.
  • Go to REFER A FRIEND to copy out your code which will be entered during the point of registration by new users.

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