Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card

Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card – Unemployment Prepaid Card Login

Bank Of America: The North Carolina Division of Employment Security (DES) Debit Card Program is an easy way by which anyone who qualifies for unemployment benefits can access them easily and securely.

To obtain the Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card, you do not need to go through the stress of opening a bank account nor must you already have one. All you need is the debit card that has already been funded with the specified amount allocated to you.

Once you have obtained the card, you can use it anywhere visa cards are accepted, on the ATM, or via the Point of sale terminal (POS). Since those service points mentioned can be accessed any time, you can make use of your card any day including weekends and holidays. However, the usage will only come after activating the card.

This will no doubt excite many people especially when you consider the stress that comes from trying to locate any of the Bank Of America’s branches, could even get worse if you are not in places like Des Moines. After you have gotten the debit card, it becomes easier for you to withdraw your funds from anywhere.

The BofA Prepaid card, otherwise known as Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card can also be provided by the company you work for, a company with whom you have business relationships with or by the government agencies as already subtly stated.

Benefits of Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card

1. The debit card ensures you do not need to move large cash anywhere you go since you can easily make payment anywhere the card is accepted.

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2. Withdraw your cash at ATM, POS Terminal, Visa bank, or Credit Union.

3. Pay for goods or services online as long as the payment method supports Visa.

4. The Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card can also rule out check-cashing fees.

5. Access and manage cards via BofA Prepaid Mobile available for both android and ios users.

How does The North Carolina Division of Employment Security (DES) Debit Card work?

After choosing to have your payments moved to North Carolina DES Debit Card, Bank of America will now work on creating an account for you.

Henceforth, whenever there are funds you should receive, they will be diverted to your Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card. Once you have been notified or checked you have funds, you will be able to make purchases with your cards or withdraw your funds through any acceptable channels.

Do note that this will not operate like the kind of services your traditional bank provides, as you would not be able to deposit money into the card. Only Bank Of America Des employees in North Carolina can transfer or move money into it as long as it is done in the line of duty.

North Carolina DES Debit Card Login Page

Bank of America prepaid card login: Once you have obtained the North Carolina DES Debit Card, you should visit to log in using your username and password.

However, if you have not yet activated the card for transactions, you should do so. Meanwhile, we would be revealing how you can activate the card in the next section.

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How to Activate Bank of America Ncdes Debit Card

The card will need to be activated before you can make use of it. It is very straightforward, but first, understand a few things about your Bank Of America Debit Card.

The card number is the 16 digit number that is on the face of the card while the 3 digit number otherwise known as CVV is at the back of the card. For activation purposes, you will need your Social Security Number (SSN). Once you have everything ready, follow the below instructions to activate your Bank of America Ncdes Debit Card:

  • Simply visit on your browser.
  • Tap ‘Menu’ and click ‘Activate my card’
  • Enter your card, CVV, and other information required on this platform.
  • Follow the online prompts to successfully activate your debit card.
  • You can also call (855) 847-2026 toll-free to activate the card if you choose not to activate it online.

Do note that during the process, you will need to create a pin that can be used to make purchases and withdrawals. Once successfully activated for you, the account balance will be provided and you can be making use of your Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card.

How to Use Bank Of America Des Prepaid Card

The Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card can be used for purchases or withdrawals anywhere the visa card is accepted.

To pay for products or services using signature, swipe or present the card, select ‘Credit’, sign, and have your card back along with the receipt.

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If you prefer to use the pin you created during the card activation. Swipe the card > select ‘Debit’ and enter the pin > obtain the card. There are now many businesses that accept payment using cards, which can be quite easier than having to carry cash everywhere.

BofA Prepaid Mobile App – Bank Of America Ncdes Debit Card

With the BofA Prepaid Mobile App, you can now manage and access your bank of America cards. There are lots you could do using the app – checking the balance on your debit cards, go through your transaction history, activate and deactivate your cards at will, manage your alert, and many more.

The BofA Prepaid Mobile App is available for Android, iPhone, and Ipad users. Downloading is free and only takes few seconds to connect your card once installed on the device.

Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download the app depending on your phone. After running the installation on your phone, launch the app from your phone and then create a new user profile.

Bank Of America Des Customer Support

The debit card FAQ page has answers to most questions that are often asked by customers, but sometimes, you might need answers or solutions to issues that are not ironed there.

If you have any questions, complaints, or feedback, you can use the following channels to reach out to the customer care representatives in charge of debit cards:

Telephone: call (855) 847-2026. If you are outside the US, you can use this phone number to get in touch. There is also a (866) 656-5913 TTY line for the hearing impaired

Email address: another way is to send a mail to

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