Best cars for bolt in Nigeria

Best Cars for Bolt in Nigeria

One of the most asked questions by new Bolt drivers is what model of cars Bolt accepts and also the best car for the hustle.

If such is the question, we are ready to help with the various answers so you can start rolling on the street while smiling at the cashier every week.

Before applying to become a bolt driver, the most important step is to ensure that your car conforms to the requirements set by the company. Such will include the year it was manufactured and others which we will try to highlight in this post.

What are the Best Cars to use for Bolt?

1. Honda Accord

Right from time, Honda has always been one of the most sought cars in Nigeria, and then the Honda Accord which is not just beautiful and portable but for its dynamics.

car for bolt in Nigeria

The car possesses a large cabin and has a great driving score. If you can’t afford the new model of Honda Accord, the old 2012 model is still capable of giving that feel of an almost premium vibe. It is affordable and has the basic functionalities for a good driving experience.

2. Kia Rio

Kia Rio is not a less popular ride in the city of Nigeria. If you move a lot, you are bound to come across this car model. Every year, new models are released. And with each year comes a notable upgrade or change. It does not bite hard on your fuel which could prove an advantage especially if you are on Lagos road known for its traffic gridlock.

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car for bolt in Nigeria

Another notable benefit is that it can be very attractive plus the comfortable cabin you are going to love. Still, one of the most inexpensive cars you can use for your bolt. Therefore, acquiring one should not be as difficult as most cars. If you already have, then it is ready for the bolt jobs.

3. Toyota Camry

Another car that is good for Bolt is the Toyota Camry. This is one of the household names in Nigeria and is very comfortable to drive around. It is so reliable and very fuel efficient as well.

car for bolt in Nigeria

Also, one of the key benefits of using one is that the parts are easier to get and do not cost a lot to maintain. Toyota Camry is a budget car yet oozes class.

4. Honda City

Honda City is another car that is suitable for Bolt. It gets the job done and has a great design. At first sight, you are just going to love it. 

Best car for bolt in Nigeria

Besides, it is very affordable, but that doesn’t make it less inferior. If you want something beautiful, reliable, with a great engine, a lovely cabin, and a quality and spacious interior, you should check out this lovely piece of technology. 

5. Toyota Yaris

Considering the various benefits that come from using a Toyota Yaris, settling for the car for use on Bolt should not be that difficult.

Best car for bolt in Nigeria

It may not be the usual name on the street, but through the years, it has always been an amazing choice for anyone. Fuel economy is excellent which is what most drivers will mostly be looking for considering the surge in the price of fuel, then the reliability and design core which you will eventually agree with us that is amazing.

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6. Hyundai Accent

The car, Hyundai Accent is a top car that could be used for Bolt. It comes with spacious seating and a simple infotainment system. Also, fuel economy is excellent.

Best car for bolt in Nigeria

The 2021 Hyundai Accent has a top speed of 120mph while the minimum for the oldest model is 110 which is good enough when compared to some. Therefore, you can expect it to roll faster on the road. Sure your passengers who are in a hurry are just going to love the swiftness.

7. Acura MDX

Acura is no doubt one of the most popular automobile manufacturers, and here we are recommending Acura MDX to you based on its tendency to accommodate people with ease and affordability.

Best car for bolt in Nigeria

Not the fastest among most cars, but simply made to accommodate families. Also comes with a comfortable cabin with a nicely built interior. With that, it could be a great choice to make money as a bolt driver.

8. Audi A6

Another car you could use for Bolt is the elegant Audi A6. The car is breathtaking enough and comes with a spacious cabin, great interior, and a beautiful exterior.

Best cars for bolt in Nigeria

Whatever model year you choose, you will always get close enough to what has always been featured in the car, yet gets better with each redesign. Its fuel consumption is efficient and the parts are also not difficult to get especially for those that will be operating as a Bolt drivers in Lagos.

9. Toyota Corolla

The word, “reliability” seems to always stick with Toyota Corolla, and not having it on the list of cars good for Bolt is totally unfair. It is a great car and also a popular name in Nigeria.

Best cars for bolt in Nigeria

Corollas are very fuel-efficient which makes them a great choice. Its various features are also easy to understand and also possess pleasant driving dynamics. Its parts are also easy. With that, one could understand why it is one of the best-selling cars in the world.

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10. Honda Civic

Honda Civic is not a surprise addition, it deserves to be among the best cars to use for Bolt in Nigeria. It is stylish and comes with seats found to be comfortable.

Best cars for bolt in Nigeria

Excellent fuel economy and also has a good outstanding safety score. Honda Civic is another one that could get into the Bolt Platform provided other requirements are met.

What model of Car does Bolt accept?

Most models of cars are accepted by Bolt. To know if yours is supported by them, you can find out by following our guide.

Vehicle or Cars Make supported by Bolt:

  1. Acura
  2. Alfa Romeo
  3. Audi
  4. Baic
  5. Bajaj
  6. BMW
  7. Boxer
  8. Brilliance Auto
  9. Buick
  10. BYD
  11. Cadillac
  12. Changan
  13. Changan
  14. Chery
  15. Chevrolet
  16. Chrysler
  17. Citroen
  18. Dacia
  19. Daewoo
  20. Daihatsu
  21. Datsun
  22. Dodge
  23. DongFeng
  24. DS Automobiles
  25. FAW
  26. Fiat
  27. City Bee
  28. Ford
  29. Geely
  30. GMC
  31. Honda
  32. Infiniti
  33. Isuzu
  34. JAC Motors
  35. Jaguar
  36. Jeep
  37. Kia
  38. Lamborghini
  39. Land Rover
  40. Lexus
  41. Lifan
  42. Lincoln
  43. Mazda
  44. Mercedes Benz
  45. Mitsubishi
  46. Nissan
  47. Opel
  48. Peugeot
  49. Pontiac
  50. Porsche
  51. Proton
  52. Range Rover
  53. Ravon
  54. Renault
  55. Rio
  56. Rover
  57. Skoda
  58. Suzuki
  59. Toyota
  60. Volkswagen
  61. Volvo

We are unable to mention all the models of the Make supported by Bolt. Therefore, we advise you to follow the Approved vehicles for Bolt page to check out any car that is not on the list. It can be filtered or searched by model name.

What Year of Car does Bolt accept in Nigeria

Before you can be slotted into the system, be aware that not every car is acceptable. If you car has been produced 10 years ago, it will not be accepted for use by Bolt in Nigeria.

The official year of accepted vehicles is 2003 and above. Any car produced below the year is ineligible.

General Requirements for Vehicles

  1. All Complete Vehicle Documents will need to be provided.
  2. Vehicle Must Be Dent & Scratch Free
  3. Vehicle A/c, Horn, and Headlights Must All Be In Good Condition.
  4. Brakes, suspension, electrical components, and vehicle fluid must be functioning well.
  5. All tools required for safety must also be put in place.
  6. Drivers Licence and Autogenius Vehicle Inspection Report.

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