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How To Get The Best TV Settings For Gaming

Best TV settings for gaming: Do you want to get most out of TV using the best settings for gaming? Many game lovers realise that getting the most out of your screen is one of the ways to enjoy your game.

For the hardcore gamers who want to enjoy their online gaming will understand the importance of having a high-level TV setting.

Every second now matters, you don’t want to be caught easily by the other opponent who has already been well prepared for the task.

Getting one over your opponent should be focused, it won’t be easy without a perfect screen setting, responsive game pad, and a very good internet connection.Perfect tv settings

How to get the Best TV Settings for gaming

Getting your PlayStation or Xbox can be thrilling and as well engaging but the most important thing is to have it well optimized.

To get the best tv settings for gaming, follow this thorough and you will be glad you did.

Samsung TV

Step 1: Get your TV running by activating the HDMI UHD color. To get your setting? Scroll to Settings ~ General ~ External Device Manager ~ navigate and then select HDMI UHD color.

Step 2: The other on the to-do lists is to turn on game mode to help enhance your experience. And to do that, you will need to follow this instruction. Navigate to Settings ~ General ~ External Device Manager ~ Game mode ~ then click on Game mode to turn it on.

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What happens when you do this is that the quality of your tv output decreases, which may not be cool to you but on the plus side, you will have your game being played without resulting to lag.

Make sure you already have the game connected before turning it on.

Step 3: the next step is to activate your HDR+ mode. The benefit of hdr+ is to help you have access to quality view. To activate the HDR+ mode, go to Setting ~ Picture ~ Expert settings ~ Click on HDR+ mode to turn it on.

Step 4: the last step on the list is to adjust the picture setting. Take a walk around and locate picture. When you find the picture mode, you may likely see Dynamic, Sports, Vivid, Cinema, Movie but the best is always movie. Though sometimes, I do like it to be on picture mode.

Picture size should stay at 16.9 standard or screen fit and sharpness is the best to leave at 0%. If you are not really convince about leaving it to 0%, 50% can’t go wrong. Contrast 100%, color 50%, hue 0% and 50% brightness will do just fine.

Best settings for most Televisions

Although, there might be some little change yet it is as close as they can get. You just need to make use of personal observation to get one that might actually come close to the ones I will recommend.

  • Brightness: Avoid too much light, about 30% – 50 should do just well for your gaming.
  • Contrast: 80% – 100%
  • Sharpness: 0%
  • Backlight: during the daytime or if where there is too much light, 100% is okay. In dark places or at night, I will recommend 50%.
  • Picture mode: Always put it at movie. Movie mode is always my favourite. When I am not on movie mode, i use cinema or dynamic.
  • Gamma: let it be within 0 – 2.5.
  • Color: 50% is all you need to enjoy the perfect experience for your gaming.
  • Tint: 50%
  • Picture size: the default setting is what I will recommend but if you are not comfortable with that, go for screen fit.
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The Conclusion (Best TV Settings for Gaming)

The emergence of online gaming has brought about a new great level of discipline and concentration to the extent that every decision has a great impact on the outcome of the game.

The craving for the best settings for gaming is becoming paramount and sometimes you getting the top prize might be down to you having the most perfect experience from your television, game consoles working well, stable internet connection, concentration and experience.


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