How To Borrow Data From Mtn

How To Borrow Data From Mtn Network

Do you know it is not only airtime you can borrow on MTN network? As a prepaid customer on MTN Nigeria, you are allowed to borrow data on the network.

MTN xtraByte is a service from MTN that allows you to borrow when your data gets depleted and pay back on your next recharge.

Take a brief moment to look at this unpleasant scenario. You are downloading some stuff from the internet, only to get that annoying message that you have exhausted your data. Airtime is empty and now left with what to do next.

What even makes it worse is that you can not refill because you currently do not have your debit card and no reseller around. Do not give up yet, there is MTN xtraBYTE made just for this moment.

All you just need is to be ready for this moment. To be ready is to make sure you have ticked all boxes that could barricade you from borrowing data from MTN.

How do you qualify for MTN Xtrabyte?

This is the exact reason why this article is playing out just for you. Do you want to know the criteria to borrow data from MTN network, ussd code or number to dial to borrow MTN data?

Look no further as this article is just about to that bulging questions.

Eligibility criteria to borrow MTN data

  1. Only prepaid customers can borrow data from MTN.
  2. Customers must also have spent at least N200 monthly for 3 months.
  3. The MTN number must have been properly registered and activated for use.
  4. There must be no unsettled payment that is yet to be retrieved by MTN.
  5. The prepaid customer must have between N0 and N75 in his or her main account.
  6. You must be an active MTN subscriber for at least 3 months.
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How to borrow data from MTN via USSD code

  1. To borrow data from MTN, open your phone’s dialer pad and dial *303#.
  2. A new page will open, select XtraByte.
  3. The system will now suggest all the data bundles you are eligible to borrow.
  4. Make your choice by selecting your preferred data bundle.
  5. After you have made your selection, you will be sent a message, notifying you of the cost of the data plus service fee.
  6. Once you have confirmed your quest to carry on, your xtrabyte account will be credited while your main account will be debited the cost of the bundle and MTN loan fee.

How to borrow MB data via Interactive voice response

  1. Alternatively, you can also borrow MTN data via IVR by dialling 303 on your dialer pad.
  2. You will be asked to choose your preferred language via IVR after dialling the magic number.
  3. Upon selection, the system will then ask you to choose between Xtratime or XtraByte. Select Xtrabyte.
  4. After selection, you will be provided with the data bundle you are eligible to borrow.
  5. Select your data bundle. You will receive a message with the amount and the service fee for you to confirm.
  6. After confirmation, you will be credited with the value on your XtraBYTE account and your main account will be debited of the loan amount plus service fee.

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