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How to get a free Payoneer Account for Online Transaction

How to get a free Payoneer account

Are you looking for ways to get paid by your Clients quickly, securely and with low cost?

Do you own a business, or a freelancer and you are looking for a secured means of payment either locally or from international marketplace?

If such is the case

    1. Payoneer has got you covered. Payoneer is your online payment solutions for diverse markets.

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Payoneer, an online payment gateway provides you with a master card to help you withdraw your earnings from any part of the world.

Top companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Fiverr and many more make use of Payoneer.

Funds can be received through your local bank or ATM.

Benefits of Payoneer

1. Payoneer can be used to purchase goods or services or make payment wherever master card is accepted. It works just like other debit card.

2. It can also be used for online payment. Be it your domain or hosting or you want to get some stuffs from Amazon or jumia. Payoneer covers you.

3. Used to received payment from foreign clients. Freelancers love Payoneer as it gives them a secured and convenient way to have their earnings sent to them.

4. Facebook also accept Payoneer as a means of payment for ad.

5. It can be used to withdraw money from PayPal.

6. Payoneer account holder can use it to make payment to you at no cost to you.

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7. Once you receive $1000 in payments into your Payoneer account, you will be paid $25 reward.

Requirements for Payoneer Account Opening

1. A valid email address
2. Valid Postal Address
3. A valid Identity Card (National ID Card, International passport or Drivers Licence)

How to sign up for Payoneer

* Register For Payoneer Account here and click on sign up.Payoneer2 Gistfocus

* Fill in the details appropriately.

* Provide your bank details so you can transfer your money directly to your local bank.

Make sure that the information you’re providing is 100% accurate. For your swift/bic, you can search on google for your preferred bank.

*Once you are done, click submit and then wait for email notifiction from Payoneer as regarding the status of your application.

To get your master card, you will need to have not less than $30 in your balance.

You can fund it or wait to be paid for your transaction.

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