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Glo internet settings for Android, IOS, MiFi, Phones & All Devices

Glo Nigeria has done remarkably when we mention networks that provide the best data value out there. This alone could be a cause of worry when you realise you are likely not to utilize the Glo brekete data as expected.

Meanwhile, this should not be a cause of worry as Glo Nigeria has in place proven ways to configure your phones or devices manually.

I used to have this issue when I was using java phones, push-button phones with no much flexibility but good enough to get you running for days and with lite browsing. Of course, you can not compare a java phone with a smartphone. Even just any smartphone would easily beat a java phone. However, during those days, it really served me.

Remember, you are here to find out how you can browse on your phone or device. Need to add this, it does not matter whether you configure manually or ask the guy next door for ways to go about it. Whatever choice you made, you are not doing anything wrong.

Your phone will still be perfectly fine even when you tweak it to browse the internet manually. This article will be focusing on showing you how to configure Glo internet settings automatically and also through a manual process.

Stay tuned on this page as I humbly give the required info to get your phone up and running, thanks to the Glo internet configurations.

How to automatically configure your phone with Glo internet settings

If you are not getting the glo configuration automatically, you can request for it if your mobile phone or device supports it. To get your glo internet configuration, text “activate” to “444”

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You will receive your settings instantly, all you have to do is to save them as they come. If the message did not arrive, call the Globacom customer care or visit any Glo office near you to have your Glo internet settings configured on your phone or device.

Glo internet settings

  • Account Name: Glo NG
  • Port :
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat
  • Access point name (APN): gloflat

If the above is not working for your phone type, you should try these Glo internet settings which I am about to share

Account Name: Glo Direct

  • Port :
  • Username: secure
  • Password: secure
  • Access point name (APN): glosecure

How to set up Glo internet settings manually on Android

The steps below should help on how to configure your device or phone for Glo internet. This might depend on your type of phone or os. However, for most phones, you could get it on settings.

  • To configure your phone manually for Glo internet settings, simply go to settings.
  • Click on “network & internet”
  • Select “sim cards”
  • Then select “mobile network”
  • Click “access point names”
  • Click on + to add new profiles
  • Enter the parameters (Glo internet settings) to activate your internet connection

How to set up Glo internet settings manually on IOS (Ipad/iPhone)

  • To configure your iPhone/Ipad for Glo internet, select “settings on your phone.
  • Click “cellular”
  • Select “Cellular Data Network”
  • Click “Reset settings”
  • Enter the parameters (Glo internet settings) to activate your internet connection

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