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Heritage Bank Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number, Email, and Live Chat

It takes some level of intelligence to search for how to contact Heritage Bank Customer care on search engines via phone call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc on the internet.

If it is not, you would have been going to the banks for most of the things that can be done online. If you want to understand how crowded the bank has become, you need to visit any of the Nigerian banks on a Monday morning.

Whether you are trying to use the ATM, POS, or meet with the Customer Care Service Representatives, you will find out that you will need to queue. It is unavoidable if you choose to use the offline method.

Thanks to upgrade in tech and innovation, customers can afford to use any of the Contact Us Page to contact heritage bank customer care.

If you do not know how to get in touch with them, this article will reveal heritage bank customer care phone number, email, live chat, and its corporate head office.


Calling the heritage bank customer care phone number is one of the best ways to reach out or contact the bank. It has to do with the fact that it allows instantaneous conversations.

One of the most exciting parts of these channels is that calls can be made at any time and any day. This could come in handy during that desperate moment to reach out to heritage bank. For instance, you may lose your debit card and you need to quickly block your cards.

Although most of this function can now be accessed via heritage bank mobile app, but you may not currently have access to another smartphone. Besides, it is absurd to enter your login details on a third party’s phone. What if it contains spyware that you have no idea since it has been concealed well. Therefore, calling seems to be the most logical thing at such a moment.

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Despite its advantages, calling the heritage bank customer care phone line is not toll-free. For every second you spent including the time spent with pre-recorded audio, you pay for each second. However, if you are using MTN pulse or Airtel SmartTrybe, N200 should be more than enough to take care of the expense.

The heritage bank customer care can be reached by dialing +234 1 236 9000 or 0700-HERITAGE.


If you use a smartphone, then social media is another way you can get in touch with Heritage bank customer care agents.

Every business now uses social media to advertise their products and services since it is one of the places people like to spend their time. On social media especially on Twitter, you will get the latest happenings as they unfold plus all-round gist. Therefore companies will love to keep a good profile on the net.

To do that effectively, they now have customer service support that will provide enquiries and also help resolve issues. In this section, we will be concentrating on the best social media platforms to contact Heritage bank, which of course is through Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Heritage Bank Facebook Group Page

Facebook is one of the most affordable ways to reach out to any business including heritage bank customer care.

If you are a heritage bank savings, current, or business account holder and you could not contact your bank because you do not have airtime nor data, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel have zero facebooks. With zero facebooks, you will be able to comment, post, upload, or send an instant message to anyone including your bank.

Since the bank is also on Facebook, customers can take advantage and quickly make their requests known to Heritage Bank Customer Care. The only drawback is that it is not as instant as live chat or phone calls. However, within 4 to 6 hours, you should get a reply.

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If you need an urgent response, I am afraid this is not the platform for such. Try others with the best chance.

Click www.facebook.com/HeritageBankPlc to visit Heritage Bank Facebook Group Page.

Heritage Bank Twitter Handle

Twitter has been known to be a platform where you can get all the latest stories and updates. Lately, it has become a favourite among Nigerians.

As a commercial bank that consistently taps into the opportunities provided by technology, one can understand why the bank now has a customer support centre on Facebook.

For me, Twitter always comes first when I need to contact any business for issues or complaints simply because they can’t afford to get bad publicity. Therefore, you can expect response and resolution to be fast.

You can tweet or send a message to their inbox. If you have some information you want to keep from prying eyes, you should take it to direct message. Remember, anyone could easily read a tweet, you should be careful what you share on your timeline.

The heritage bank customer care Twitter handle is @HBCustomerCare. To know more about products and services, you can also go to @heritagebankplc.

Heritage Bank Whatsapp Number.

Whatsapp is one of the best ways to chat with friends, families, and even businesses. The app uses fewer data and makes it easier for people to connect seamlessly.

However, Heritage bank does not have a WhatsApp number. Alternatively, customers can use live chat features to chat with Heritage bank customer care.


Potential and existing customers can also contact Heritage Bank Customer Care by sending a message to their official email address.

This medium could also be good for people who want to attach documents or files needed to explain their complaints better. It could also be used to get information about products and services.

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The challenge facing this channel is that response may not come in time, but you should get a reply between 3 to 6 hours. Thereafter, you are put on a priority list and you could get a reply quickly during the session.

Heritage bank customer care email address is info@hbng.com. they can be reached 24/7, that is at any time and any day.


On their official website, there is a provision for old, new, and potential customers to have a real live conversation with the Jaiz bank customer care representative.

Customers can chat based on General enquiries, account opening, complaints, and even balance enquiry. If you use a smartphone or PC, visit www.hbng.com using your browser and click on the “Chat with us now” button. If you are unsure about how to get to Heritage live chat, simply click hbngchat.hbng.com/hbngChatApp.

The live chat option is one of the best ways to contact customer care. I would choose this feature over Facebook because it is faster and the responses are almost immediate. The waiting period before you get connected to Heritage bank customer care will depend on the number of customers in line. Meanwhile, it should not take much of your time.


If you ever need a place to go after trying all methods but still you do not get the expected outcome, heritage bank corporate head office is another shot you should take.

They have been known to provide lasting solutions for whatever issues or complaints brought before them. The head office address is in Nigeria and they are available Monday to Friday during the bank official working hours.

Heritage Bank Corporate Head Office Address:

292B Ajose Adeogun Street,
Victoria Island,

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