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Access (Diamond) Bank Airtime Recharge Code: Buy credit on phone

You too can buy Airtime using the Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code. It is otherwise called Diamond Bank Airtime Recharge Code.

However, there are certain things that will need to be put in place before being allowed to use the Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code. The first is to already have an account opened with Access Bank.

You must also have a phone number registered with the bank and the phone number must also be available at the time you want to buy airtime. If you have already lost the phone number, you will need to meet access bank’s rep to help you update your account.

Another thing to put in place is ensuring that there is enough in your account balance to cover for the airtime you are about to purchase.

You can buy airtime for yourself or anyone on the GSM network. Knowing the Access Bank code could be helpful especially if you still have siblings that always demand credit. It could also be for your personal consumption.
Instead of going to the store everytime to get your physical recharge pin, you can easily recharge your phone using the access bank recharge code.

The Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code works on any network such as MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo and you do not need to have an internet enabled for your phone to use the Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code.

Access Bank Airtime recharge code (Diamond Bank)

  • Open your phone’s dialer pad and dial *901#
  • Select 3 for Airtime.
  • Select between the option, 1 if you are recharging for yourself or 2 for others.
  • If you have other accounts, you will need to make your selection accordingly.
  • Enter the amount
  • Follow the prompts to complete your Airtime purchase process.
  • Confirm by providing your Access Bank USSD pin.
  • If you are new, you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your debit card, which will then be used to create your 4 digit security pin.
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For quick recharge using Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code (Diamond Bank)

  1. For self recharge, Access bank customers should dial *901*Amount# via mobile number they registered with their account.
  2. To recharge for family and friends on your phone, dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#.

What you should know about Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code

If you are using *901*amount# to recharge your mobile, you will need to replace the amount with the value of the Airtime you want to purchase.

For instance, if you want to buy an N100 recharge card, you just need to dial *901*100# on the phone number linked with Access Bank.

To recharge for others, simply replace the amount with the value of the airtime you need. Phone number with the beneficiary’s number, eg. *901*100*0802300000#.

This service comes with no charge and it can be used anytime and any day. However, the maximum customers can recharge in a day is N20000 and anything above that will not go through.

Access bank recently merged with diamond bank, they now operate under one umbrella. Therefore, Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code is not diferent from saying Diamond Bank Airtime Recharge Code.

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