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How to save videos from any website – Online Video Downloader

You must be familiar with the concept of video downloading on YouTube. YouTube is one of the only platforms on the internet that can help you with downloading and viewing some of its video content offline.

Although Google allows downloading videos, you should know that the percentage of these videos on YouTube is less than ten, and furthermore, you cannot access these videos without YouTube. You will only find this video content in the offline gallery of YouTube!

There are many video surfing platforms on the web that you should know about. All of these have interesting and catchy content on them, but we can’t download them!


You guys should know that in this content today, you are not only going to learn about the best tools that can help you download videos from any site, but you will also learn about the important reasons why you should save the videos from these sites.

Well, the most important reason is that video surfing is the only thing on the web that is going to cost you an awful amount of data.

As not all of us can afford premium and unlimited data caps, it is important for you to know that downloading videos can help you save a lot of GB’s and money for that matter. Now let us move towards the online video downloader tools!

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As we have already mentioned that there is no proper channel with which you can save download videos, so you have to take help from third-party tools that are also known as online video downloader tools. Well, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of online video downloader tools on the web these days, but you should know about the best and the easiest to use ones! We want you to read about these tools until the end so that you can choose the best suitable one for yourself!

1. Online video downloader tool by small seo tools!

The online video downloader tool by SmallSeoTools is one of the well-reputed tools on the internet. This video grabber tool works directly from your browser, and that is why it is known to be one of the best online tools. This video downloader is free to use, and there are no limitations to the use of this tool. You just have to navigate the video downloader tool on your browser and open it up. In this free video downloader tool, you will see a simple box with a URL bar in it. Now, this URL bar is the main part of the game. You have to enter the URL address of the video that you want to download in this URL bar and then click on the ‘save video’ button below the box!

The online video downloader tool is more famous and more accepted as it can download videos from any site even from social media platforms. All you need is the URL address of the video, and the tool will grab the content and will save it in your gallery within less than a minute. There are many more features of the tool that you will know about once you start using the tool yourself!

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2. Save From!

The video downloader is also one of the best website tools that you will find on the web. The online video downloader tool is very simple to use and is highly user-friendly. To use this tool, you don’t need any knowledge or prior experience to operate and download videos with it. You just have to open up this tool on your browser and start entering the URL of the videos from any website.

You will be surprised to know that with the help of this online video downloader tool, you can easily help yourself in downloading videos on both your android and IOS systems as well. With the assistance of this video downloader tool, you can save videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, and many more famous platforms on the web.

Now, this tool has some interesting features that you should know about before you start using it. The tool allows you to convert and change the format of the video while saving it. So if you have less space, then you can lower the quality or even convert it to audio format. You should also know that this video downloader tool will also help you in downloading multiple video threads in one go without any complications and that for free too!

3. 4k video downloader!

This online video downloader is also one of the best tools that can help you in saving videos from any platform on the web by just using the URL address of the video.

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Few highlighted features of this tool are given below!

  • The tool is free to use!
  • The tool can save high-quality videos, including 4k and 8k videos.
  • The tool can convert and change the format of the videos.
  • You can also save subtitles with this tool!

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