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How To Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter

The change to Prepaid Electricity Meter is gradually ongoing in Nigeria. On this note, it dawns on households to know how to recharge prepaid electricity meter.

The good news is that it is not as difficult as first thought. Almost anyone who ever uses decoder or a mobile phone will find it easy to use.

A smart card is provided with the Electricity Meter which can be used to buy, sell and load power credit.

You will need The Electricity Distribution Company to help you configure the smart card for subsequent usages.

Once the card has been configured, you can now load or recharge your prepaid electricity meter.

Though there are lots of options as regards loading your prepaid meter but the most common ones is to load using a smart card provided by your dealer.

Another is loading Credit Unit with a 12 digit pin as we have seen with mobile recharge voucher.

How to purchase your Prepaid Electricity Meter

There are wide ranges of options available which include buying online through related sites like, quickteller, and

  • To buy from the online shop, visit any of the listed sites and follow prompt but if you are willing to buy from outlets or disco offices.
  • Visit any of them, preferably one close to your home and present your smart card to them.
  • Tell them how much Credit Units you want to buy. Note that your Metre Number are inscribed on the Card.
  • Pay for the credits and account will be credited immediately.
  • You will be given a 20 digit codes that you will enter using the keypad provided on your Prepaid Meter.
  • Alternatively,
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How to recharge your Prepaid Electricity Meter

  • Check your power source to make sure it is connected to the control box.
  • You will now enter the 20 digit codes given to you. The codes will be displayed on the UIU LCD Screen as you type it.
  • In the event of mistakenly entered a wrong digit, press the red button to cancel.
  • If the 20 digit codes are correct, press the green button to confirm activation.
  • If the codes that were previously entered are correct, the UIU Screen will display “Accept”, meaning the Recharge is successful.
  • If it displays, ” Reject” then the value won’t be credited. Chances are that you mistakenly enter wrong digit codes or incomplete codes.

How to recharge prepaid meter online

There are several ways to rcharge your prepaid meter online. Among them are using payment apps like Jumiapay, Palmpay, bank apps and more. However, to use, formally, follow the guide below:

  1. Visit VTU Official site from your Browser.
  2. Choose your Electricity Company. It should be the one you are registered with.
  3. Select your Meter Type. Since you are using prepaid, choose prepaid from the two options.
  4. Provide your Meter Number.
  5. Enter the amount you want to recharge on your prepaid and click Continue.
  6. Pay using your debit card details. Mastercard, VisaCard and Verve card are supported.

How to check Prepaid Meter Balance

To check your balance, press “07” using the prepaid meter keypad and then click the Blue Button to authorize. The balance will be displayed on the UIU Screen.

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How to check Prepaid Meter Number

To reveal your prepaid meter number, dial “65” and press the blue button to authorize.

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