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How To Set Up A Block Making Industry In Nigeria


You have made up your mind, given it so much thought but you do not have any idea of how to set up a block making industry in Nigeria.

Starting up a Concrete Block business does not necessarily has to be your main source of income, you can as well make it a second hustle.

Concrete block business in Nigeria is one of the profitable business in Nigeria coupled with the fact that it is not capital intensive.

New structures are been constructed daily, hence, the increasing need for a concrete block. Individuals and companies are demanding for it in large force.

This has made it be lucrative as large demand means more profit. To be on the safer side, you need a great amount of information and this post is set to do justice to that.

What you need to properly start up a concrete block industry in Nigeria.

Documentation and Licenses: The first thing you need to do is to be registered and be documented with proper Regulatory Authorities.

The main bodies for Concrete Block Business men and women are Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and National Association of Block Moulders of Nigeria (NABMON)

Among the several benefits of having your business registered with CAC, the one I love most is that your Company name cannot be taken by another. You are also entitled to Legal Liability Protection and reputation that come from having your business registered.

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NABMON ensures its members adhere to the production standard of building blocks as set up by the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) and perform other various functions.

Space: the first thing you need is Land and you must ensure you get it in a place where it can be easily accessible.

It would be much better if you manage to get it in a developing area. Place where the structure is gradually constructed to ensure your business grow quickly.

Also, ensure that your location is not waterlogged so to avoid the possibility of damaging concrete blocks and also you have a shade in place for the raining days and also to meet other obligations.

Water: Another thing to consider is whether your location is close to the water supply. Without water, you can’t do anything.

If you find yourself in place with no water supply, you can ask that well should be dug for you or get tanks for water storage.

Don’t make the mistake of getting your space in a place with no water supply as this will definitely frustrate your business even before it starts.

Cement: we have a reasonable producer of cement in Nigeria. Among them are Dangote and Lafarge.

These companies have already made their claim in the market, no doubt that they will give you the quality you want.

Remember, you are just starting and customers retention is the priority at the moment. They say, “The first impression always matter”, so don’t ruin your chance as avail yourself that you will always produce quality blocks.

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Sand: None is inferior to another among the already listed. Just as water and cement are important for the production, so is sand. And not just any sand but sand that will ensure that the finished blocks go according to what is expected.

Be ready to search for the best place to get good sand. It is a belief among the established concrete block producer that sharp sand is always the best which I quite agree with but there are others.

The endpoint is getting the best and that will ensure you produce a quality concrete block, a means to boost your block business.

Workers: The success of a business, at times, depends on the quality of your workforce. Since you are just starting, it is important to get an experienced workforce.

For now, you do not have the needed experience to direct your workforce, so this is paramount.

A cashier is part of the workforce you should consider. A cashier helps you keep a detailed account of things are going. This is important to evaluate your position in the long run.

Drivers and delivery boys are also needed if you are to ensure delivery is fast. Customers won’t want to stay for so long.

Equipment to ease production.

  • Vehicle: you need a vehicle to supply blocks to customers.
  • Molding Machine: Although there is another way to mold the block using a constructed structure block molding machine is much faster and effective.
  • Shovels and Head Pans: this is needed for moving or mixing of the raw materials.
  • Wheelbarrows: this is needed for moving raw materials or blocks from one place to another.
  • A Standby Generator: This is needed in the event of no power supply and production has to continue.
  • Cement Block Carrier: For a mixture of sand, water, and cement.
  • Wooden Pallete: after the mixture, the molded block will be placed on the wooden pallet. This allows it to get dry while ensuring that blocks do not come in contact with land.
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