Glo night plan

How to subscribe to Glo night plan for as low as N25 for 250mb data bundle

Glo Nigeria has finally introduced its own version of night browsing, popularly known as Glo night plan. It is really exciting to know that Glo customers can now enjoy their own version of happy hours.

It is exactly what I have been calling out for years, really proud that we can finally browse the internet for less and at such great value. When a telecom decides to come out with a happy hour offer, in my experience, it will always be a real bargain for customers.

The best part of the Glo version of night browsing is that it is even more simple, straightforward and there is no need to join a particular tariff plan before you can enjoy all that comes with it.

Let me not unveil all in the introductory section, you will be getting the full gist plus all you need to know about the Glo midnight bundle. This article also promises to unveil ways by which you can subscribe to any of the Glo night plans.

Glo available night browsing plans

There are 3 classes of night browsing plans available on the Glo network, they are N25 Glo night plan, N50 Glo night plan and N100 Glo night plan.

#1. N25 Glo night plan (250mb)

The N25 Glo night bundle is all you need to download, stream and enjoy all that the internet offers. It comes with a big offer of 250mb when you subscribe to the plan. It can only be used from 12 am to 5 am and it is valid for one day.

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#2. N50 Glo night plan (500mb)

If you need to do much more on the internet, the N50 Glo night plan which is capped 500mb could be the way out. With the 500mb, you should have no issue when downloading from popular movies sites and even have some data left to take care of other internet activities.

With the 500mb Glo night plan, you should be able to do even more. This plan is usable between the hours of 12 am and 5 am.

#3. N100 Glo night plan (1gb)

The N100 Glo night plan is a special Glo night plan that allows you to spread its usage for 5 days. If you are the type that loves attending to your internet during the night, this could be the best offer you can get. It comes with 1gb data offer at just N100.

However, you can only use this special Glo data plan from 12 am to 5 am and for 5 days like I earlier mentioned.

What you should know about Glo night plan

  • Browse for long for as low as N25 every day.
  • Glo night plan starts at 12 am and ends at 5 am.
  • Unlike MTN night plan and Airtel midnight bundle, you do not need to be on any special tariff plan before activating.
  • The 1gb night plan is valid for 5 days and can be used from 12 am to 5 am.
  • Glo internet speed is even better during the late hours.

How to subscribe to Glo night plan

  • To activate the Glo night plan, dial *777# from your phone’s pad.
  • Reply with 1 to buy data.
  • Select 1 to make your request known towards purchasing your Glo night plan.
  • You will be required to choose between auto-renewal or just one-off.
  • Replying with 1 means you select auto-renewal while 2 means No auto-renewal.
  • You will come across a list of data plans available on Glo, reply with 7 to get your Night plans.
  • Replying with 1 gives 250mb plan, 2 gives 500mb night plan and 3 gives 1gb glo data plan.
  • Immediately you make your choice, you will be credited with the data value. You can start enjoying your Glo night bundle plan.
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