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How To Lock Your Facebook Account – Lock Out Profile

Social platforms such as Facebook have their ups and downs. Despite the glaring fact that the benefits outweigh the downsides, the privacy issue is something one needs to contend with. Facebook now has a way for users to completely lock out their Facebook profile.

It is no gainsaying admitting that Fb is the most used social media and with users spread from around the world. It provides users the chance to connect with anyone, no matter where they are. You will be able to upload posts, images, chats, and interact with their posts.

Aside from that, business owners and entrepreneurs are also given a platform along with the tools to boost and improve sales. Although if you are offering products and services, you may not find the need to keep your Facebook account private. What you might actually be looking for is to create a Facebook business page for even better conversion.

More than half of the world’s population is on Facebook, which then makes the platform a very exquisite place to have fun and grow your networks. You also might be careful who you open up to, and this is one of the reasons why you have various tools to help you manage your online presence.


Although the Facebook lock feature is currently not available in most countries, countries like India have been known to be provided access to this feature. It is just a matter of time before it hits every country including the USA, UK, and UAE. The best alternative is to use the Facebook privacy settings, which is almost as good as the lock feature.

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If perhaps you are lucky to be in a country that receives such support, you should know what happens when you decide to lock people out of your Facebook profile.

By locking your Facebook account or profile, people who are not on your friends’ list will be unable to see your posts and photos, see the actual size of your display profile picture, cover pictures, stories, new posts, and uploaded images.

This is one quick way of perfecting any security or privacy issues you think you are having while using Fb as in one toggle, you could have it changed from Public to Private. Additionally, only a portion of your About Info will be revealed to Facebook users who are yet to become your friends.


The internet is a strange place with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and upbringings. Setting a padlock on your profile will protect your personal information from being collected, shared with another, or used to scam you or people in your circle.

The Profile Picture Guard Feature was introduced by Facebook a few years ago and used to be the way by which users secure their Facebook pictures. This move did not solve it all as people still have the data they could use to gain access to every bit of information. The Facebook lock features seem to be the answer for everything.

Despite all that, it does have some elements of hitch. If you are a professional or someone who sells things, this might not be the best way to go about your privacy issues. For instance, a firm looking to hire a digital marketer would be hoping to view the profile of the prospects and this often happens without their knowledge. You may never know what you are missing by shutting people out of your Fb account.

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Also, people who may have genuine intentions might be turned off by the lock on your page. I would probably do the same if I was denied even a glimpse of what interests us.

There are many more, but if you are unconcerned about these, then you must have made up your mind to finally lock your profile account on Facebook.

Now here we go.


1. Facebook users can easily lock their accounts right on the mobile app. To do that, launch the app from your smartphone.

2. Click your profile from your timeline. You can also see it by clicking “Menu” and then tap “See your Profile.”

3. Tap the kebab menu, otherwise known as the three vertical dots menu. It sits close to “Add your story”

4. Tap the “Lock Profile option”. Once tapped, brief info about how it works will pop up on your screen. Click “Lock Your Profile” located at the bottom of the page.

5. Click “OK” to validate your request.


1. To lock your Facebook profile on your desktop computer or browser, visit and log in to your account.

2. Go to your profile icon and change “www” to “m” which should now read ““. This action will switch to the Facebook mobile version.

3. Click the 3 dots horizontal icon, next to Edit profile.

4. Tap the “Lock Profile option”. It is almost the same way when you use a mobile app, you will be shown an insight into how it works.

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5. Click the “Lock Your Profile” at the end of the page. This action will automatically lock your Facebook account, no one outside your friend list will be able to see certain information about you again.

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