What does cf mean on Instagram IG

What Is The Meaning Of CF On Instagram (IG)?

Instagram is a fascinating platform where things move pretty fast. They have features that are gracing the platform which you’ll have discovered over time. If you’d like to change your circle, you’ll find the perfect feature to help you. One peculiar feature you’ll find interesting is CF.


CF simply means ‘Close Friends’ on Instagram.’ It is an abbreviation used for a private story setting that allows you to post a separate Instagram story to a selected people that are ‘close friends.

Threads was introduced in 2019 to make the new feature more interesting to users. It makes it easy and fast to stay abreast of happenings with your close friends, with dedicated notifications and inbox just for this category.

Simply set up a list directly from Threads if you are yet to create a list of your close friends. You may have been bored by your old list, but can ignite your energy again with stories, messages, and statuses straight from your (Close Friends) CF with the app. But then, this doesn’t mean that you cannot chat with anyone from Threads even when you do not have the app.

Threads works like a separate messaging service for the platform, and the CF story is connected to your inner circle. So, without having to select the list individually every now and then, your most personal updates are easily accessible to people who are enlisted in your CF.

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This also helps to prevent and control situations where your personal stuff gets into the wrong hands. In addition, you can take people out of the list anytime, or add new ones.

The best part of using the CF feature on IG is that you could add as many friends as you can to your list.


1. Messaging only close friends.

2. Instant sharing of videos and photos. The app opens directly to your camera while also allowing you to create shortcuts to help you share what you are doing at the moment in just two clicks.

3. Discovering what your friends are up to with status on IG. Status was introduced with your privacy in consideration, so you can control how or with whom you share your status.

4. Creating video notes. You can automatically add captions to whatever you say on a video record.

5. Personalizing your app’s theme.


  • To get started with adding close friends (CF) to your list, you have to first download and open the Instagram app.
  • Then, click on the icon in the bottom right corner to open your Instagram profile.
  • Click on your username at the top of your profile and select ‘Close Friends’. You can also open the menu at the top right and select ‘Close Friends.’
  • After selecting CF, a screen with ‘Get Started’ button will be open to you. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to a list of suggested people that you may want to consider including on your CF list, with a link included to help you find out how the feature works.
  • Select people you’ll want to be able to view these stories and click on ‘Create List.’
  • After the list is created, your current close friends’ list can be easily updated and accessible. You can remove anyone by just clicking on the minus icon close to their names, or add new friends by clicking on the top right, type their names, and select the plus button to add them.
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