Montgomery, capital of Alabama fact

Montgomery, The Capital of Alabama: Interesting Facts

There is quite a great list when having a go at some of the best memories of Alabama as well as some interesting facts.

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama in the USA. The city was named after Richard Montgomery, an Irish soldier who first served in the British Army and then went on to become a major general in the Continental Army during the US Revolutionary War.

The merger of two towns located along Alabama gave birth to Montgomery. By 1846, it became the capital city of the state.

If you are observant enough upon your visit to the state, one of the highlights you are going to come across is the large presence of securities which also makes it one of the safest cities in the United States.

There are lots of attractions that even the indigenous people are always going to be fascinated with. The city is blessed with lots of interesting facts and heritages that will no doubt captivate anyone with a deep interest in her affairs.

In addition to that, Montgomery has been known throughout the country for its new urbanism projects and downtown revitalization. Therefore, it is a city that continues to develop in several years to come.

  • Population: 200,603
  • Area code: 334
  • Popular Celebrities from Montgomery: Mini Wheatt, Octavia Spencer, Johnny Simmons, RichBoi Streeter, and Jordan McCallum. 
  • Website:

Land area and population

Montgomery is located close to the Alabama River, on the coastal Plain of the Gulf of Mexico. It is a very beautiful city with lots of exciting things you are going to love about the place. The nearby cities are Auburn, Prattville, Selma, and Tuskegee.

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The population of Montgomery is estimated to be 200,603. A figure that ranks Montgomery as 119th most populous city in the United States and third in Alabama State.

The total area of the city is also big enough and has about 162.27 sq mi while the water takes a meager part, amounting to 2.41 sq mi.

Interesting Facts About Montgomery City

Below are the interesting things about the City, “Montgomery” in the US:

1. Montgomery is the current location where Hyundai Motor Co. first set up their plant in the United State.

2. Montgomery is the 2nd most populous city in Alabama.

3. The great activist, Dr. Martin L. King was a pastor at Dexter Ave. Baptist Church from 1954 until 1960. The city was also the main location for the renowned Civil Rights Movement.

4. The city flower, tree, and bird are a bird, magnolia, and cardinal respectively.

5. Another interesting fact about Montgomery is being the pioneer of open-heart surgery. In 1902, Dr. Luther Leonidas Hill opened a new history by carrying out the first successful open-heart surgery.

6. Montgomery was reported to be the first city to assemble an electric streetcar system in 1886. However, Richmond and Virginia also claim to be the first.

7. Montgomery is the capital and the birthplace of the Confederate States of America.

8. Montgomery was unanimously agreed to be the capital of Alabama on January 28, 1846.

9. Nat King Cole loves the city to the extent that he never shies away from calling Montgomery home.

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10. Montgomery has 35 different zip codes.

11. The first mayor of Montgomery was Samuel D. Holt, who served for only one year in 1838. The following year, Jack Thorington took over and spent 2 years there.

12. Another interesting fact that makes the City of Montgomery standout is that it is home to the first civilian flight school. This was made possible by the Wright Brothers who began aviation history.

13. The raging fire that engulfed Dale’s Penthouse on February 7th of 1967 was the major reason why the authority revised fire code standards in the United States of America.

14. Montgomery city is also the first to own a theatre with air conditioning. This move paved the way for the city as one proving to be inclined to technological advancement.

15. Nathaniel Adams, otherwise known as Nat King was popularly known as a man with the velvet voice. He was in Montgomery in 1919.

16. The famous march for Justice in 1965 was led by Dr. Martin Luther King. The protest started in Selma but ended in Montgomery.

17. Montgomery nicknames are “Cradle of the Confederacy”, “Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement”, and “The Gump”

18. Two ships used by the United States Navy are named after Montgomery.

19. The first major boycott started in the city and was spearheaded by Luther King. The Montgomery Bus Boycott as it was called at that time remains one of the most famous boycotts in history.

20. Montgomery is home to the renowned Maxwell Air Force Base.

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