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Ntel quickteller: How to subscribe to Ntel data plans on Quickteller

Is it not strange that Ntel does not have a dedicated ussd code for NTel data plans subscriptions?

You are not the only one in disbelief. However, there are about 3 ways I know to purchase data plans from ntel. One is downloading the myntel app from google play store, another is activating plans on the official website and subscribing via quickteller.

This article will fully concentrate on how you can subscribe via quickteller and browse the way you want to. If you are new on this topic, everything has already been discussed. The highlights are many but one that really stands out is the fact that you can browse unlimited when you subscribe to ntel unlimited.

You probably try to laugh it off which is understandable. Many of us have one time purchased supposed unlimited data plans only to later find out it was data limited. It is actually different with ntel, unlimited means no data capped. If you are still in doubt, you know you could visit any ntel office near you or just reach out to them via ntel customer care.

Let us go back to the main attraction, which is buying ntel subscriptions via quickteller.

Quickteller has been around for a while and they have proved to be more than capable – providing fast and convenient payments. No wonder, ntel Nigeria and DSTV Nigeria both have them as one of their payment gateway.

Why you should use Quickteller to subscribe for ntel data plans

  1. Verve cards and Naira MasterCard are currently accepted for all transaction types.
  2. VISA cards are also supported for airtime and bill payments on the website.
  3. OTP or safetoken is used to authenticate a card which provides a high level of security (Verve card or MasterCard).
  4. You can always reach out to quickteller customer care if you experience any kind of difficulties.
  5. It is safe, secured and convenient to use.
  6. Quickteller also has phone’s app for easy navigation and user friendly interface.
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What you know before purchasing your ntel data plans from quickteller

I understand that choosing the right plan could be very difficult as people have various needs and consumption habits.

Much of the process will depend on how much you are willing to commit, there is something for almost everyone no matter how your pocket is. However, the decision lies with you. If you want to know more about data plans on ntel, you might need to study every 4 components of data plans available on ntel Nigeria.

If you purchased ntel MiFi or router, then you will need to adopt one of the 3 subscription methods when the first time offers finish. You can get back your plan or change to another plan.

If you are planning to use your airtime for browsing then you should know that the services available on Pay As You Go plan are Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG Voice and SMS) as well as high-speed data services (PAYG Data) anywhere within our coverage. On PAYG, Internet access will be billed at N40/MB.

To use the Pay As You Go plan, you will need to opt in and also have some airtime left on your ntel balance.

How to buy ntel data plans via quickteller

  • To buy ntel data plan on Ntel, go to https://www.quickteller.com/ntel on your browser.
  • Select your desired ntel plan and confirm.
  • Enter your phone number and email address for authentication.
  • A convenience fee of N100 will be charged alongside the cost of the ntel subscription.
  • Enter your card number which will include your card number, cvv and expiry date and click on pay.
  • After successful payment, you will be credited with the value of the ntel subscription plan.
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