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Ourtime login: How to sign up on www.ourtime.com | Ourtime sign in

Ourtime login: How to sign up on www.ourtime.com | Ourtime sign in

Love is magical and it does not have to end just because you are over 50 years of age. Ourtime is an online dating community created for old people to connect, start a relationship and even grow older together.

Therefore, if you find yourself in your 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 80s, this online dating service might just be for you to meet singles or someone to enjoy life with. The service allows you to meet singles and people that you can share a great moment with and even remarry if the chance presents itself.

Ourtime has been much of a success in the online dating community with several love stories spread around. Users will be able to meet by exploring their awesome features along with a safe online chat.

If you are yet to register, we can help you get started easily and also provide you with useful tips. Ourtime login is one of those key points that we will be walking you through. This is to ensure that you have it easier using the Ourtime dating website and app.

What is Ourtime?

Ourtime is an online spot for people over the age of 50 years to mingle, connect and share. Call it an online dating service specially designed for the Oldies, you are not wrong. Being old is a great privilege and you want to enjoy your moment no matter how old you get.

For that, you need beautiful people to surround you. You want to be reminded how lovely it is to be in love, flirt with the fellow and then have a chance to hold their hands in the park. This is a rare opportunity that you will be able to get from Ourtime online dating service.

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About Ourtime login page

Ourtime login is an access page to your account and the access can only be granted after entering a correct username and password.

For anyone to make use of the Ourtime access page, he or must have signed up on the site either on the website or through the app. Along the line, you will need to create a username and password which you can use to log in or sign in to your Ourtime account.

Ourtimes members will be able to access the login page on www.ourtime.com or by downloading the ourtimes app from the Google play store and App Store.

Ourtime App Download

For mature men and women, you can get matched by downloading the app from the app store for better usage of the dating platform.

Statistics have shown that there has been more success with the app than using the website. More matches have been made through the mobile app due to the instant notification one can enjoy.

Whether you are looking to flirt, connect date, or make friends, we will always advise you to download the Ourtime app for a greater user experience. Below are the links to download the Ourtime app:

How to sign up on the Ourtime online dating platform

Follow the below steps to create an account on Ourtime:

1. To get started on Ourtime, simply visit www.ourtime.com.

2. On the homepage, select your gender and the gender you are hoping to meet, for instance, I am a man seeking women and tap ‘Search Now’

3. In this next step, you are to select your country as well as the City/Zip Code. The options include the United States and Canada and then proceed to specify your region.

3. Among the required information you are to provide are the state of origin, first name, a newly created password by you, date of birth, and email address.

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4. You are also required to complete the puzzle, otherwise known as captcha. This is to verify if you are a real person instead of bot.

5. Once done, click Ok to complete your registration on Ourtime sign-up page.

6. Check your mail for a verification message. Click the link to verify your ourtime account.

Tips to find someone on Ourtime dating

Dating after 50 can be hard, even harder at 60 but that does not mean you have to spend the rest of your life alone especially if the children are now living alone or married off.

This is why apps like Ourtime have been very helpful in connecting old people, however, you still need to take certain precautions.

Endeavor to read through the following tips before using Ourtime.com:

1. Use your recently taken photos

It can be very tempting to explore all the unique features of a good photo editing app, but that may give a good account of you.

Someone looking to date you know the fact that age is going to have its ways as you move across the ladder. You want to be accepted the way you are, and the best way to do that is to avoid the temptation of filtering your photos.

Feel confident about your age by totally accepting that not everyone has such grace to be where you are. Let your age also exhibit wisdom and experience.

2. Learn to be patient

Sometimes, it might not happen immediately and that should not discourage you from using Ourtime app or any dating app.

Remember, great things take time and you may never know when the right person might be around the corner. You should also know that it is not due to you not being youthful again. Even for younger ones, finding someone right could take some waiting.

3. Be interesting and confident

Even if you are not able to give a good conversation over a phone call, ensure you are a very interesting person and you can show a bit of that while chatting. This might be a good way to prick someone’s interest irrespective of your traits.

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Also, always respond to messages quickly. Leaving off a message for long may give a false impression that you are not into them. By having a good conversation, you are giving a chance for them to know you better.

4. Do not divulge too much

The Internet is full of people who are looking to take advantage of people. Have it at the back of your mind, they are still strangers to you and you should avoid revealing sensitive information about yourself.

If someone is asking you to send money or asking to share your account details for some deals, these are among the reasons why you should quickly put an end to the conversation.

5. Look them up before agreeing to meet them

Although, Ourtime is doing all it can to ensure that members are really who they are, the system is still not yet solid as it should be. This is why you still need to take measures by looking up people.

If you look up well enough, you are going to find something about them especially in this era of social networks. However, it may not be enough but could give you a head up. You can check their last interactions through their comment section, who they interact with, and many others. Remember, it may still not prove they are who they say they are.

6. When meeting, let it be in Pubic

The Internet is an abode for all kinds of people and you should not let a few beautiful exchanges of messages catch you off guard. Your safety should be the most important, and the best way is to meet in a public place.

Give yourself enough time to know who they are and what they do before you invite them to your place or go to theirs. You can also try to know one or two people that are deeply connected with them. If there is any cause for alarms, the red flags are going to reveal clearly and you should not ignore them.

Ourtime Sign in process

Members who have completed and verified their account will be able to sign in online on www.ourtime.com and click Login. This will be followed by your login details.

Another way to sign-in on the Ourtime online dating community is via the Ourtime app which remains the best way to use the dating platform.

How to login on Ourtime

Below is the Ourtime login process for members:

  • To login to your account on Ourtime, simply visit the official website, ourtime.com
  • Tap ‘Log in’
  • Provide your username and password.
  • Click ‘Login’

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