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Quickcredit | Gtb loan with no collateral and up to N5,000,000

Do you need quick cash to brighten up? Gtb loan could be what you need to get it done quickly.  It does not matter if you are salaried worker or self-employed, quickcredit has got you.

GTB, one of the leading banks in Nigeria offer not just retail banking but other services as may be needed by corporate customers.

Let me simplify the two core services offered by GTB. Retail banking which is also known as personal banking, is that division in the bank that deals directly with the general public.

Corporate banking is a banking service offered to corporate customers. A corporate customer does represent the interest of a brand, firm or association.

The race to the top was not as swift as people thought, it was achieved through the 8 core principles set up by the management which then becomes the yardstick for every staff.

These 8 principles are professionalism, service, simplicity, friendliness, trustworthiness, social responsibility and innovation.

Like the rest of the pack, GTBank also offers quick loan for anyone that urgently needs to take care of that emergency needs. It is that instant that more people are now joining the fold. The cash becomes available after a successful application.

Quickcredit loan is for both employees and salary earners but there are some conditions that will need to be ironed out before you can access up to millions.

Do not beat yourself, you are going to get every detail to help you access quickcheck in this article. If not qualified, you can be able to adjust accordingly for the next loan.

Moreover, you are dealing with a top financial institution. If you are having a problem with sharing your details with loan providers like fairmoney, and branch loan, sharing with GTB should not be a problem.

Nevertheless, whichever one you go for, you are in good hands.

Features of quick credit loan

  1. The minimum amount that can be borrowed is N10,000.
  2. The maximum loan that can be accessed by non-salaried workers is N1,000,000 while salary earners can get up to N5,000,000.
    Interest charged on loan is 1.75% per month.
  3. There are no hidden and management fees on loan.
  4. The loan is available immediately after a successful application.
  5. Payment can be over a period of 6 to 12 months.
  6. Applicants can apply using USSD code, internet banking and on GTB mobile banking app.
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What you need to get quickcredit loan

  1. Customers must be either self-employed or salaried worker.
  2. Only applicants that are 18 and not more than 59 years at loan maturity date can apply.
  3. There must be no poor credit reports.
  4. It may be difficult for customers with unpaid obligations to get a loan from quickcredit.
  5. A customer must have no history of bounced cheques.
  6. For loan request to be successful, applicants must regularly have not less than monthly lodgement of N20,000 or earn a minimum net monthly salary of N10,000.
  7. Applicant must provide salary account or authorize a payroll loan provider to deduct monthly loan obligation.
  8. Applicants that have obtained loans from other banks can still apply for a quick credit loan.

How to apply for GTbank quick credit

Applying for the loan on Quickcredit takes these simple methods, they are:

  1. On any GSM phone, dial *737*51*51# and wait for a response from the system.
  2. You can also register on GTB online and all GTB mobile banking platforms.
  3. Provide all information as required from the system. This allows the bank to get to know you and which will be used to process your loan request.
  4. You will be required to provide some information and also your salary account. The bank debits the account, in line with repayment terms.
  5. After successful registration and loan approval, expect the loan amount to be sent to the bank account you provided.

Other alternatives to GTB quickcredit

1. Standard chartered loan

Standard chartered bank is not just all about providing deposits for individuals and organizations but has an array of financial solutions of which one of them is called standard chartered loan.

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With standard chartered loan, you no longer need that dream to be just a dream, everything is now made easier, thanks to an unsecured personal loan that can let you turn that dreams to reality.

Want to hear the sweetest part of the story? With standard chartered loan, you can get up to ten million naira (N10,000,000) and with a repayment period of 60 months. More than what most lenders give out.

You are not going to find it very convenient like renmoney and palmcredit loan but it will definitely worth the effort in the long run.

2. FCMB Credit direct

Do you know of any stranded corper or workers who urgently need sharp sharp loan? Do not look further, Credit direct is at your service.

How many times have we seen NYSC members who are finding it difficult to settle down in their new environment or just employees with no means to meet that emergency needs?

In a time like this is the reason why FCMB, came up with a plan to put an end to the financial stress. You can have up to 4.5m from Credit direct depending on which loan offer you qualified for with the repayment period between 3 to 12 months.

Corps’ members only have up to 9 months to make good their promise to repay the loan and as at the time of writing this article, the maximum amount they can get is fifty thousand (N50,000). It could come up immediately the government starts paying the minimum wage.

3. Fastloan app

Here is another way to get instant loan, introducing fastloan by fidelity bank plc. Not as popular as the likes of renmoney and branch loan but almost has the same service model.

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To get a loan on fastloan is quite straightforward, that is no ambiguous task, all you need is your bank account and phone number and you can have that cash sent immediately after review.

Like every loan app in Nigeria, the amount of loan you can access might be lower than what you need. This is judged by the level of your monthly income, the higher you are placed, the more cash you can get as a loan.

To break these shackles, always repay on time, increase your monthly income and enjoy easy access to a bigger loan.

4. Fairmoney loan

Fairmoney gives up to N150,000 with no collateral, paperwork, and documents. The repayment period is between 2 to 6 months.

With fairmoney, you pay about 10 to 30% interest rate depending on the loan amount and tenor. For example, a customer who obtains a loan of N100,000 with the tenor being 3 months.

Interest rate stands at 30%.

Calculating it – total amount payable will be N130,000 when the borrower pays 43,333 for 3 consecutive months. Unlike most loan apps, fairmoney does not charge any additional money that they mostly called management fees.

5. Page financials

Page financials offer not just a platform to make bills payment, top-up, and account funding but also instant loan of up to N5,000,000. It charges 0.5% interest rate on a daily basis, like most loan apps in Nigeria, it comes with no collateral and paperwork.

On page financials, you can also request for a new loan while still paying up the existing loan.

It remains one of the best loan apps in the country but has one defect, support is only for employees in Lagos, Ibadan, and bankers in every state in Nigeria.

Quickcheck contact details

To get in touch with quickcheck, call these numbers, 08029002900, 08039003900 or you can visit any Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB).

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