how to search facebook by phone number

How to Search for Someone on Facebook Using Phone Number

Almost everyone with an internet-enabled phone can be found on Facebook. If you have got their phone number, searching for them becomes easier instead of using their names.

One of the disadvantages of using their names to find them is that results are not narrowed, instead, you are given large selections to look into. This could be very disappointing especially if the Facebook users do not use their pictures or if you do not know them.

However, finding someone on Facebook with a phone number could be very positive as it only brings the account associated with the phone number.

Even if you do not need these tips now, you never know when you might need them. Bookmarking this page or learning how to search for someone on Facebook with a phone number is worth knowing.

Who knows you might someone interesting.


Before you go searching for someone on Facebook, understand that it has become a pattern for most people to use two phone numbers.

The number you have might not be associated with their Facebook account, therefore searching for them on Facebook may not bring the desired result. Meanwhile, this does not mean they are not on Fb, they probably use their other lines to register their Facebook account.

Also, not many make their Facebook phone number public, this is due to the security issues out of Facebook control. It has become a way for fraudsters to obtain information about other people.

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Facebook gives users an option to switch at will. There is a tool on Facebook that helps users decide whether anyone can search for them via their phone numbers. With the setting, if someone searches via the search bar, it will return no result.

This setting can be found by tapping the upper right of your Facebook account. Move the page up and select “settings” and then click on “Privacy Settings”.

Now tap “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?”. You have about 4 options, they are “everyone, friends, friends of friends or Only me”. If you select everyone, then anyone can look you up using the associated phone number on Fb.


This is a working method you can use to search for anyone on Facebook provided they are not restricting who can search for them.

This method can be used on desktop, mobile, or Facebook app. Therefore, whether you are on a computer or with your phone, it only takes a few seconds to link with colleagues, old friends, or anyone you want to have on your friends’ list.

At times, it could be you just want to make findings of the kind of person they are and a visit through their timelines could give you some answers as people tend to post their activities.

Below are the steps to find someone on Facebook by Phone number:

  • On the browser, enter You could log in if prompted to do so.
  • Tap the search bar which automatically opens the field where you will enter the phone number.
  • Provide the phone number and then click “Enter” to get the result.
  • You should see the Facebook account of the person.
  • Alternatively, you can also make your search using the official Facebook app using the same step.
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