how to check sterling bank account number

How To Check Sterling Bank Account Number

Forgetting account number is common to almost everyone, but here is an article to show how you can check your Sterling Bank Account Number anytime and any day.

How many times have we been in a situation where there are urgent needs to send our NUBAN to a business partner, supplier, family, or friends? Having a quick way to know our sterling bank account number is definitely a blessing.

With the several ways that will be pointed out in this piece of article, you can avoid rushing home to retrieve it, and that is if you have it somewhere else, instead focus on other things that really matter.

Meanwhile, you will also be provided with tips on how to make your Sterling bank account number available whenever you need it. This is to ensure that it never meets you unprepared. A lot of opportunities are always lost because we fail to plan ahead.


The sterling bank has already made provision for bank customers such as retail and corporate customers who want to quickly check their account number with Sterling Bank.

The bank must have realised that customers are always in the habit of forgetting their sterling account number. This move will surely help customers to be able to easily get their NUBAN by dialing code.

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Customers can use the code on any phone type including the popular push buttons phone.

To check Sterling Bank Account Number via ussd code, dial Dial *822*8#. Alternatively, dial *822#, then press 8 on the mobile number you used to open your Sterling Bank account and follow the online instructions.

This is one of the best to view your account number provided you still have the mobile number registered to your Sterling Account. Once done, you will get the sterling bank account number as an SMS.

Alternatively, you can also dial *822*6# on your phone, but this method is only to check Sterling Bank Account Balance. Customers will then be sent their account balance and some masked numbers.


If you tried the first method and it is not working, probably due to network issues from the bank or telecom, another alternative is to call the customer care rep.

The customer service agents are ready to help customers as regards any complaint or issue they might be facing.

However, to get help from the bank, you will need to answer some certain questions. The questions may include your full names, BVN, Address, a mobile number linked with the account, date of birth, and the branch you opened the account.

Once satisfied with every detail you provided, the bank will help you to retrieve your Sterling Bank Account Number by querying their database.

Customers can also visit the bank during their official banking hours or call their helpline. They can access their details by visiting the Contact Us Page at

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If you have already registered for sterling mobile banking, you can quickly access your Sterling Bank Account Number anytime and any day.

Every bank has its own mobile app which can do almost anything a banker will do. Therefore, once you have gotten your debit card, the is the first thing you should go for.

A mobile app will save you a lot of money. For instance, I no longer dial code to check my BVN again, I access it for free on the mobile app. This is just one of the many advantages of downloading and installing the mobile app.

It has several advantages and could help a lot. It is like having your bank with you and most importantly, you can check your account number with sterling bank whenever you need to.


Another way to beat this is to register for Sterling Bank Internet Banking. This could be good for anyone since you will be able to access the online banking platform via PC or Smartphone’s browser.

After registration, customers can then log in using their username and passwords. The benefits that come with using Sterling bank internet banking not limited to just checking of sterling bank account number, there are more.

Meanwhile, if you have already registered for sterling bank mobile app, you can use the same login details on the online banking platforms and vice versa.


This is probably the odd one because it does not conform to the normal practice, but it can actually save you if you have network issues or something goes wrong.

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Although, for security reasons, it is not advisable to save any of your bank details on your phone. If you are the type that is very conscious of security, then you can save your account number in your draft or as one of your contact.

Since setting up a security code/biometric on your phone could give you an extra layer of security. However, it has never been heard of or read that one can be scammed with just an account number or even BVN. Trust me, it will take more than that.

Mostly, it normally involves the use of credit or debit card details such as CVV, debit card number, and others for online fraudulent activities to occur.

Having your account number saved on your phone could turn out to be a lifesaver one day. It is what you should do if you are always out of service or network.

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