sterling bank transfer code

Sterling Bank Transfer Code: Send Money To Any Account

Sterling bank transfer code is one of the fastest ways to send money to a zenith bank account or any other bank account in Nigeria.

The old rule is to visit the bank with your money, face the queue, fill the deposit slip, and give it to the teller to process. Thanks to innovation, one can now carry out banking services without the aid of bank officials.

If you own a smartphone, you can download the Sterling mobile app, use internet banking to send money to any bank’s account, or resort to Sterling Banking ussd service.

Meanwhile, whatever phone you are using, you can easily access Sterling banking service on the go.


Although, there are several ways you can send money to any bank account. Before the advent of ATM and mobile app, we will need to visit the bank to complete the transfer form which will now be processed by the Teller.

If you choose to use internet banking or mobile, it needs internet to work. With a sterling bank transfer code, you can send money to any bank account in Nigeria without the aid of the internet or bank staff.

The service has already been preconfigured to handle requests. The sterling bank transfer code makes it easier to send money quickly and hereby saves unnecessary hassles associated with a sterling bank transfer. This makes one less thing to worry about.

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Here is what you need to know about how much you can send in a day and the charge that applies for each transaction.

If you are sending below N5,000 from your Sterling bank account, you will be charged N10. For an amount between N5,000 and N50,000, you will pay a transfer fee of N25. Amount above N50,000 will attract a service charge of N50.

Daily cumulative limit when using the sterling bank transfer code is N100,000. It can be sent at one go or part by part.


Sterling bank transfer code is available for retail customers, that is Sterling bank savings and current account holder. This service can only be used on the phone number linked to their Sterling bank account.

The mobile number must also be a gsm number. In other words, The service works on any Android, iOS, Windows, Java, etc. Customers will be able to use this service any time and any day including on weekends and public holidays.


First, You will need to register for the service if you are an account holder by dialing *822*1*NUBAN#. Alternatively, the system automatically prompts you to register when you want to carry out any transaction.

Customers will be required to create a PIN to enable them to send money to a sterling bank account or any bank account in Nigeria. This pin is also known as a transaction or security pin.

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The transaction PIN is personal and should not be shared with anyone. Also, you will be prompted to create a PIN 2 using your debit card, if you wish to transfer above N20,000 per transaction.

Corporate account holders are not eligible for Sterling Bank USSD Service.

To transfer funds using 822 to any bank’s account in Nigeria, dial *822*Amount*Account Number# from the phone number linked to your bank account.

That is Dial *822*5000*0123456789# to transfer ₦5,000. Follow the prompts to verify details and complete the transfer with your transaction PIN. This is how you use Sterling Bank Transfer Code.

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