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The Best VoIP Business Phone Systems 2024

Whether you are just starting or need to upscale your business, among the tools you will be needing in your arsenal is the best VoIP business phone system and probably also want at a cheaper rate.

It is common knowledge that the advantages voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) service have over traditional landlines is huge, companies are now making the big switch to tap into the various opportunities provided by the emergency of this technology.

There are many VoIP providers with each having its own distinct functions and pricing. This could be a very big challenge to find one that suits your business, this is why we have taken it on us to help you make decisions on the VoIP small business phone systems for your business.

There are several of them out there, but we would only be considering the best ones out there and with a good reasonable price or even comes for free.

Why Your Business Needs a VoIP Service

voip phone system small business

Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as IP telephony, is a technology that facilitates voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks like the Internet.

In a simple definition, one can liken the VoIP service to Technology to make a phone call using the Internet, rather than a traditional landline or mobile phone.

To deliver effectively, the system works by altering analog voice signals and changing to digital signals through your internet connection. To achieve this, a VoIP server is often used to connect calls to other telephone networks.

The use of VoIP provides several opportunities that can give your business a boost. The technology allows more flexibility compared to making use of physical comm lines. Among them is being able to adopt internet protocols for calls. Also, it allows users to set up in various locations.

With the Voice over Internet Protocol, one can easily integrate mobile devices or computers to take advantage of softphones. The softphone is software that gives users the capability to make calls through the internet.

By adopting this modern service, you can enjoy lower costs, better voice quality, multitasking, increased accessibility, user-friendly conference calls, better interaction with customers, flexibility, and more. A newer method always tends to hold much ground which is exactly what VoIP stands for.

Taking the big leap might be exactly what you need to help your business thrive and survive even in this era of fierce competition. And here we have made the decision easy for you with our suggestions of top VoIP business phone systems for your small or large businesses:

Best VoIP Business Phone Systems for Businesses

1. Nextiva

One of the best ways to communicate using a VoIP business phone system is to adopt the service offered by Nextiva. Using their technology, you can connect your phone system with artificial intelligence, adopt business apps and also help automate on a single platform.

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business voip phone service near me

The service does not only cater to enterprises, but also to small businesses that are either established or still trying to have a place in the market. With Nextiva, you can have a conversation with customers on any of their preferred channels, have staff and customers on one platform, automate repetitive communication tasks, and get analytics with deep information about your business.

It comes with powerful built-in tools that will no doubt give your business some edge over others. Among them are being able to communicate through video conferencing software, send emails, set up auto-responses and do more.

Customers have the option to choose between monthly or annual payments. However, a monthly payment will cut you some percentage. There are four pricing options available on Nextiva, and you can pay as low as $17.95 depending on the number of users and package.

2. RingCentral

With RingCentral, you are not going to get it wrong as it is one of the best out there when it comes to VoIP business systems. Now, you have all the tools including video conferencing and messaging you want in one place without the need to host multiple apps.

business voip phone service near me

RingCentral allows you to break down tasks with team messaging, management of tasks, and file sharing among the teams which will eventually boost productivity. The various Add Ons are also another part of what makes the VoIP business phone system one of the best in the world. Using the features gives your teams more superpower to connect and automate tasks.

The VoIP business system is available for use in more than 110 countries, and well-secured using the modern facilities with trust up to 99.999% uptime. That being said, not sure you will be needing an additional one once you are on this VoIP system.

The RingCentral comes with different pricing with each having the bar to set your preferences. However, the most popular pricing option on RingCentral is the essentials plan which goes for 19.99 monthly when you subscribe annually.

3. 8×8 VoIP

8×8 VoIP has been able to set up locations in countries like the US, UK, Romania, Australia, and Singapore and which is enough evidence of what great services the voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) service provider has in stock.

voip phone system small business

The company is trusted by over 2 million business users with a larger share of them giving a nod of approval for their professionalism, effective delivery, and reliability. 8×8 provides you with first-class tools to take your business to the next level, have it on the map and enjoy connectivity all over the world.

It also comes with other features that most VoIP business phone systems are known to have. They are able to get connected to customers on their preferred mode (SMS, voice, video, and chat apps), make video calls, connect with teams seamlessly, and even more.

Pricing on 8×8 starts from $12 per user. However, you need to go through the list of their plans to select what works best for you.

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4. Grasshopper VoIP

It is rare to think of anyone who has tried his or her hands on multiple VoIP systems and still leaves out Grasshopper VoIP on the list.

best voip business phone systems

Giving businesses the necessary tools to connect to everyone needed for their ventures to succeed is exactly what they are known for. Even as an emerging business, you are going to look more professional and sound larger than you are with their VoIP.

It also allows you to be able to work from anywhere as you can connect using the desktop and mobile apps to access your business phone system. The full virtual phone system also comes at a very affordable price and you ou also will not be needing an additional device to set up. It can be used to work with your existing phone.

Grasshopper is available only in the USA and Canada. And for as low as $26, you can become part of the business owners enjoying all their sumptuous features. There are other plans available on Grasshopper depending on the size of your business or what you really want.

5. Google Voice

The reason why Google Voice makes the list has nothing to do with the fact that it is free, but because Google is among the leaders that are propelling the technology industry forward.

Free voip phone system for business

The provision of VoIP is just among many of the products and services offered by Google. The VoIP was introduced to take care of both personal and business needs and yet without the need to set aside a monthly payment.

With Google Voice, you can enjoy unlimited calls and SMS to USA and Canada which is common to most VoIP systems. It also can be used with the rest of Google Suite and Google Fi. The service also comes with features such as forwarding calls to any device, spam calls control, making and receiving calls from anywhere, etc

If you want more than what the Google voice-free plan provides, you will need to part with a small amount. For international calls, you will have to switch to the premium package.

6. DialPad

DialPad has proven they have enough to stand tall among the best VoIP business phone systems and does not come as a surprise that they are always recommended by experts from around the world.

voip phone system for business

The VoIP system uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to make businesses better than what they are and with more effort on making them very productive.

One of the rarest features not common with some popular VoIP systems is the introduction of an AI assistant that helps to take notes and transcribe calls for you. This could be very helpful when you need to access certain information later for use. With all the intelligence, you can get the most from your interactions and can help you make better decisions.

DialPad has flexible pricing depending on what your business needs. However, the starting cost of using the VoIP starts from €15. For enterprise pricing which is good for business, you will need to drop a note to the team.

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7. Vonage

Vonage is another one of the best out there that should be in this VoIP review article. The voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) service provides channels for businesses to connect and interact with their clients or consumers on any supported device.

cheapest voip business phone service

Communication can be delivered through calls, video callings, SMS as well as chat. They are being used by top brands including Allstate, Domino’s, DHL, Glassdoor, and Thomson Reuters.

One of the best things about Vonage is that you are allowed to pay for what you only used which can be very beneficial, especially for small businesses. Pricing on Vonage can be as low as € 0.0127 per minute on call, even lower on calls. However, from $17.99 per user, per month when you choose to pay annually.

8. Ooma

Ooma is another VoIP service that can’t be left out. It is very packed with great features which makes it a very good option for small businesses. The basic plan is cheaper which will cover the common features any VoIP should have, but you can get more by subscribing to the Office Pro plan.

cheapest voip business phone service

The VoIP service provider may lean more on big business, but also cater to small business owners. The service will be good for remote teams or workers who move about a lot.

Pricing on Ooma is not that expensive and they can have two plans. The Ooma Office which is the basic plan goes for $19.95 per user monthly while the Ooma Office Pro is priced at $24.95 monthly/per user.

9. Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center, formerly called Freshcaller, is another you can count on to deliver everything you want in a VoIP Service. This system could be very ideal for businesses that constantly make use of their workers and also with enough tools to cater to clients or consumers.

best voip business phone system

Your supervisor has a dashboard where they can control things with various features such as getting access to calls and teams or agents can also share information. This allows them to keep a tab on the workloads and performance using dashboards that show data in real-time.

If you are not sure if it is exactly what you need, you can start with the free trial or free plan, and if that is not enough you can then begin to set aside money for Growth, Pro, or Enterprise Plan. The pricing on Fresh Desk is affordable.

10. Mitel

Mitel is considered a top choice for any business looking to bring about big change and most importantly, put it on the map for the world to see. It makes use of internal communication features to keep your team connected wherever they are and then gradually grow your business.

best voip business phone system

There are several features to enjoy on a business VoIP phone system, they include Direct messaging, Team chat, Audio and Video Conferencing, Task management, and more.

Going with this VoIP business phone system cannot go wrong. Pricing on Mitel starts from $20.99 per user monthly. If you need more from the provider, you should initiate contact for a quote.

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