How to know a fake website

Top 5 Ways To Detect Fake Websites

There are thousands of fake websites and apps out there which claim to offer you free money for doing almost nothing.

In some cases, they may ask you to pay some small cash for a huge win. Come to think of it, over 83% of these websites and apps are not legit, they will only run away with your money or waste your time.

Before you jump into any get rich fast or get rich without doing anything on a website or app, make sure to finish reading what I have to show you today.

Before you go further with this content, I do hope you realise that this is just to help you with the common methods adopted by spoof websites and others that fall within the same bracket.

If you are in doubt, the best thing is to play the waiting game while you seek for personal experiences of those that used it. Most people will pour their heart into internet after a sour experiences.How to identify a fake or scam site

Some of the few ways you can identify a site with no good intentions. 

No address or contact information

Since the owners of these websites know what they are up to, they prefer to keep their location a secret to prevent being caught.

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Also in most cases they do not include permanent contact information or even have no contact information so as to spare them the troubles of having to answer numerous questions by visitors who seem to be having issues with their website or app.

Bad English or High Grammatical errors.

It is obvious that when someone is committing a crime they are in somewhat of a rush since they do not have all the time in the world.

For this reason, websites which are not legitimate always tend to have a lot of mistakes ranging from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, meaningless sentences, unrecognized characters etc.

No Padlock or Https prefix in the web browser.

With the high rise in the number of these fake websites, web browser developers have also introduced new ways to use to identify fake website and in some cases you would be prompted about the page you are trying to access.

Previously, most websites used the “Http://” prefix but things have now been changed and almost all the good or legitimate websites are using “Https://” prefix which shows a padlock at the top left corner of your web browser symbolizing the website is secured.

But since most of these fake websites cannot afford the kind of technology or expertise in that field their websites tend to not have the “Https://” prefix.No https means it could be fake

Complete or partial duplication of an original website.

One other thing that has come to the notice of most website and app reviewers is the use of duplicate websites.

When careful consideration and research is carried out on a website you will notice that they have either copied a legitimate websites template or have made a lot of copies of the same website but with different names and domain names.

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Privacy Policy or About or T&Cs

Finally, one major thing that will help you identify that a website is fake or not legitimate is that they do not have a privacy policy or have copied another websites privacy policy which is sometimes not even related to what is on their website.

Also, some of these websites have no about page or their about page does not say exactly what they claim they do and in most cases, you will never find a Terms & Conditions page on their website.

Most of these websites have realized most of us don’t take time to read through the about page, Privacy Policy or even the Terms & Conditions page so they do not really try to post anything meaningful there or even don’t post anything at all.


I believe you have learnt a lot on how to identify fake or scam websites and will not rush to make payments on these get rich fast websites and apps out there.

Before you take a leap, make sure it is the right leap.

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