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Access (diamond) bank transfer code: How to send money on Phone

There is so much you can do with Access Bank ussd shortcodes, you can send money from your phone using the Access Bank transfer code, purchase airtime, pay for your bills, open an account and even do more. However, the shortcode is initially called Access Bank USSD Code or Diamond Bank USSD Code.

To understand the need to know how to transfer is when you come in term with the fact that it is not always smooth when we visit any of the Access Bank branches or diamond bank’s.

Access bank remains one of the banks with a large base of customers, so you will understand why it is always a full house. To avoid this, you can decide to make your bank transfer using the Access Bank mobile app or simply use the USSD code, which of course is my favourite.

For every transfer, there is a charge attached to it. If you are sending below N5,000, you will be charged N10 + VAT. For bank transfer of an amount between N5001 to N50,000, the system will deduct N25 + VAT. Fund transfer above N50,000 will attract a charge of N50 + VAT.

Applicable charges will be included with the amount you want to transfer to another Access Bank account or any other banks’ accounts.

To ensure you can use the service anytime, you will first need to register for your Access Bank USSD security pin. This service comes up the first time you use the ussd code on your phone. You will need to register for Access Bank *901# with your last 4 digits on your debit card. Create a four-digit security code to authenticate transactions.

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Do note that you can only send N20,000 and can be carried out on both smart and feature phones.

How to transfer money using Access bank transfer code (Diamond Bank)

  • Dial *901# from your phone’s dialer app to transfer money.
  • Select 2 for fund transfer.
  • Choose whether you are using Debit Card or No debit card
  • For this article, we will use the debit card. Therefore, enter the last 6 digits on your debit card.
  • You will now be asked to enter your account number.
  • Follow prompts to complete your funds’ transfer.

For quick money transfer using Access Bank Transfer Code (Diamond Bank)

  • For quick money transfer using Access Bank USSD Code, dial *901*amount*account number# from your phone. Eg *901*1000*543211234#
  • Verify the fund transfer using the security pin you created. If you have not done so, a pop-up action will guide you.
  • You will just need to provide the last 4 digits on your verve, MasterCard or Visa card to create the 4 security pins.
  • Your transfer will go after authenticating with the security pin.

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