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Airtel internet settings: configuration for all phones and devices (Android, IOS, MiFi, etc)

The frightening thing just happened, you just discovered you could not browse with your phone even after you have activated your Airtel data plan.

It is actually not much of a problem though if it is not a connection issue, all you need is to configure your phone manually for airtel internet. Airtel Nigeria has ensured there is a way to solve this without losing on the quality airtel internet service you expect from them.

For most phones, the internet settings will be sent to your phone immediately you insert your Airtel sim card.
However, getting the Airtel internet configurations automatically will depend on your devices or phones and sometimes the type of operating system (os) it runs on.

How to get Airtel internet settings automatically

Like I said, Airtel Nigeria will send the configurations immediately you insert your airtel sim card. However, some smartphones do not have the support to get airtel internet settings automatically.

When the unexpected happens, there is no reason to panic. Your phone can still be configured and work the same way as those ones that receive the setting.

To get your airtel internet settings sent to you, send phone model to 232, for instance Tecno camon cx to 232. If after waiting for 5 minutes and the configuration is not sent, the next step is to call Airtel customers care for some help. The Airtel customer reps are groups of individuals who are trained to help out customers on issues like this.

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You can reach out to them on phone, email or via social media. If you have all the time as well, you can visit any Airtel office around you to have your Airtel internet settings configured for you. Still, I will be walking you through the process.

Airtel Internet settings

Once you insert your Airtel sim card into your phone, you should get the Airtel internet settings automatically. However, you might need to configure it manually on some devices or phones.

  • Account Name: Airtel NG
  • Port :
  • Username: internet
  • Password: internet
  • Access point name (APN): or

How to set up Airtel internet settings manually on Android phones

This space provides you with procedures to configure Airtel internet settings on your Android phone. This is applicable to most android phones irrespective of the version of os, maybe just a little difference.

  • To configure your android smartphones to browse with MTN Nigeria, move your cursor to “settings” and click on it.
  • Locate “network and internet” and click on it.
  • Tap “sim cards”
  • Tap on mobile network. This should take you to mobile network settings.
  • Roll down a bit and click on APN.
  • Tap “+” to add the Airtel internet settings manually.

How to set up Airtel internet settings manually on IOS devices (iPhone and Ipad)

Apple fanboys have nothing to worry about if they discover they could not browse with airtel network. The only thing left to do is to configure your phone manually for the airtel internet service.

How do you set airtel internet setting on iPhone and iPad?

  • To manually configure your iPhone/Ipad for airtel internet, go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Click “cellular” > Tap “Cellular Data Network”
  • Tap “Reset settings”
  • Enter the airtel internet settings in their respective space.
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