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How To Become An Opay Mobile Money Agent

Let me give you detailed information on how you can become an Opay Mobile Money Agent.

If you are living in any part of Africa, especially in a country like ours, Nigeria, you will know the various functions that Mobile Money Agents offer.

For the purpose of those who do not know about mobile money, a brief introduction about mobile money shop, its relation with Opay and the many services they provide will be discussed in this article.

Mobile money spots have come to stay and it is increasingly becoming important safeguards during that moment of urgency.

More reasons why you should partner with Opay and become a mobile money agent is that people are no longer enjoying that long queue especially in a world where time is of the essence.

What is more, the convenience that comes from having a mobile money shop close to where you reside or where you work. Mobile money is indeed a great initiative in this fast-growing world.

What is Opay?Opay logo

As the needs to expand in Africa, while boosting income as well as providing the enabling environment for everyone to succeed, Opera comes out with Opay Mobile Money and Opay Rider. Opay ride is just one of the several interests of Opera Software Technologies.

You can make up to N10,000 everyday by pitching your tent with Opay.

It is your number one-stop shop for seamless online payment, convenient transport system, yummy food and groceries. All at just a snapping of your fingers.

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Opay is an initiative of Opera Software Technology Co., Ltd with their physical head office located in Beijing, China. More of their success can be attributed to vast local presence while maintaining all round reputation.

Who Is A Mobile Money Agent?

Mobile money agent is a person in charge of mobile money spot or location. A mobile money shop is a spot whereby you can make bill payment, send money, withdraw money, airtime purchase, and other related services.

The number of services carries out in a mobile shop is so broad that I am unable to list all. The power given by mobile money operator has not been fully utilized by mobile money agents, yet the goal is simple, which involves close contact with communities and maintaining a booming presence in the environments it operates.

Various Services Provided By Mobile Money Agents

  • Payment of bills.
  • Funding of betting account such
    Facilitating transactions between customers and financial institutions.
  • TV payments such as DSTV, Startimes and GOTV.
  • Data and airtime purchase for any networks.
  • Direct deposits to banks.
  • Quick withdrawal of money directly from banks.
  • Other services as allowed by Mobile Money Operators.

Why You Should Join Opay Mobile Money Operators

  1. Opay offers seamless integration to becoming an experienced mobile money agent.
  2. Partnership with Opay is free.
  3. Agents will receive free point of sale (POS) upon approval by Opay team.
  4. You are teaming up with a group of experts that have long been around in the area of technology and having a room for improvements.

How To Become Opay Agent

You too want to become opay mobile money agent? Here is the guide as how can you start making money as Opay Mobile Money Agent.

  • Get a space for your business. I will suggest a shop since it will be more secure than a kiosk.
  • Furnish the acquired space with the necessary tools to start the business, most importantly, create a banner to help your proposed business get the needed exposure.
  • Download opay agent form
  • Fill the form you just downloaded and attach
    Valid ID Card (National ID, Voters Card or Passport), 1 passport photograph and a utility bill not more than 3 months ago.
  • Sign up on https://operapay.com/agent-signup and make sure provided information is accurate before submission. A working email address, BVN, and mobile number will be needed to complete registration.
  • After you have done that. You will need to scan the document and send to agents@opay.team. Use the mobile number you submitted when registering as subject of the email.
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Points to note

Remember I said, the point of sale (POS) device is free for all approved Opay Mobile Money Agents but there is a clause attached. Opay will provide you with a POS in not more than 2 weeks after approval. You are going to make a payment of N20,000 which is refundable after you have met the conditions.

The conditions are 150 successful bank transfers in counts and N3.5m in volume monthly. After you have managed to meet this condition, the money will be refunded to you so far the POS is in good condition.

Opay Address (Contact Details)

Opay has a face and support for people who have an interest or concerns in the establishment.

Opay Head Office Address: Opera Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Tower B, Mingyang Intl Center,
46 Xizongbu Hutong, Dongcheng District, Zip Code 100005, Beijing, China.

Nigerian Office (Lagos): Paycom Nigeria LTD. Japaul House
Plot 8, Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Central Business District, 100212, Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone no: +234 1 888 8329 or whatsapp +2349066722924
Email Address: agents@opay.com
Website: www.operapay.com

Service Charge On Opay

  1. You are charge N32 when you transfer money.
  2. There is no charge when you fund your wallet.
  3. No charge when you purchase data and airtime.
  4. Zero charge for betting, electricity and cable TV.
  5. As opay mobile money agent, 0.70% charge when POS is used.
  6. N10 charge for easycash.

Opay App Available On Store

Get the Opay Apk into your smartphones for easy interactions with care centre and access to varieties of services available on Opay.

Download Opay apk now

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Although Opay was recently announced, yet doing all they can to strengthen their tent in the Nigerian Market. In July 2019, it was announced that $50,000,000 was raised from investors to keep up with the fast-growing competitions.

From the statement made by the company, the injected capital will be used to solidify its position. Among them are investing in top-notch technology and giving supports to stakeholders.

Mobile Operators expect you to maintain flexible price charges, for example, the last time I used the mobile money shop, I was charged 150. The amount they charge depends on how much you want to withdraw or send.

Although, majority would prefer to run an online business because of the convenience and freedom they enjoy, running a mobile money business is not stressful at all, most of the tools to make it a success are handy. You won’t realise you are working until you see the piled up profits.

I can feel the presence of Opay, already exploring the business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa. Be part of their driven efforts to make Africa work again. Follow the guides that were carefully laid below and you too can start making up to N10,000 as Opay Mobile Money Agent.

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