Best Apps To Send Money To Nigeria From Countries Like USA, UK

10 Best Apps To Send Money To Nigeria From Countries Like USA, Canada & UK

Transferring money to Nigeria from countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia may be time-consuming; this can be attributed to the monetary policy designed by the financial regulatory body in Nigeria (CBN) to control the inflow of funds from international countries.

The monetary policy gave room for the introduction of Fintech apps to curb the long wait before payments are processed. This publication will examine 10 of the Fintech apps you can use in sending money from foreign countries to Nigeria. These apps have been very helpful in easing the process of international money transfers.

10 Best Apps To Send Money To Nigeria to other Countries


WorldRemit has been adopted by millions of people around the world and is considered a top choice for sending money to Nigeria because of its high transfer limit of 7 Million per day.

The payment platform lets users send money directly to the receiver’s domiciliary bank accounts or for pickup at the designated commercial bank. The app is supported by top commercial banks and mobile wallets in Nigeria, such as Access Bank, Stanbic IBTC, GT Bank, Eco Bank, etc.

You can do more than transfer funds through this payment platform since it also allows users to purchase airtime for their loved ones. You can also use the app to pay for utility bills, hospital bills, etc. However, the daily transfer limit is capped at 7 Million per day.


This payment platform is accepted in all parts of the world; users can send and receive money within a few minutes. It serves as a major alternative to the transfer of funds over the counter, and you can do more than send funds to Nigeria since it’s accepted globally.

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Registration is simple and free, and its services are adopted by business start-ups and individuals. The app also allows users to withdraw funds from their dashboard directly to their designated bank accounts.

Payoneer users can transfer money using any supported debit or credit card from the comfort of their homes.


MoneyGram international money transfer is widely accepted in most financial institutions. It serves as an alternative to bank transfers with a reduced transfer fee.

The payment platform is known for its excellent service delivery in the United States, Australia, and many other countries. It is adopted by millions of users to transfer funds, pay bills, etc.

The MoneyGram payment platform does more than process electronic funds. Users can also use the app to gain knowledge of the current exchange rates in different countries. It starts with you downloading the app for free and setting up your profile before you access its integrated functions.


RIA offers international money transfers from countries like Australia, Spain, and Canada to countries like Nigeria. The app offers similar services to traditional commercial banks by carrying out features like issuance of credit cards, settlement of bills, etc.

You can do more with RIA by tracking sent funds, and the app has also been adopted by top banks in Nigeria, such as Polaris Bank, Access Bank, UBA, GT Bank, etc. The daily transfer limit is capped at $500 per day.

The partnership by various Nigerian banks makes it easy to receive money in any Nigerian bank account. However, recipients have to be able to confirm their identity through a valid means of identification, such as a national identity card, before they receive their funds.

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People who use the app opine that it has no additional charges and is free to register. Other benefits include a $50 bonus for referring people to try the app, however, terms and conditions applied!


This payment platform offers instant electronic payment services to users around the world. Nigerian users can receive money from top countries like the USA, UK, etc, thanks to this innovation. It is also accepted by other countries around the globe.

The payment platform also allows Nigerian users to transfer money abroad with the condition that the recipient has an Eversend account. There is also a virtual debit card system in place that can be used to electronically send money, pay bills, and do much more with ease.

Sendcash Africa

Sendcash was introduced to simplify payment services in the world. The app does not only support the transfer of money to commercial banks, but it further extends its services to other fintech apps like Cash apps and crypto wallets.

Users are presented with numerous features including accounts funding. The transfer limit depends on your selected option funding method.

The app serves the purpose of both personal and business usage. Registration is not required before making your online transactions. Money transferred is expected to be processed and sent within a few minutes,


The TransferGo app is a cost-efficient mode of transferring money to Nigeria. Recipients in Nigeria can receive money in less than an hour, but this speedy disbursement can only be possible if the sender pays an extra $3 as a processing fee.

TransferGo offers encrypted financial services, and it is licensed by the UK government. Users can also send money to over 100 countries without limits, but people who choose to fund their accounts via their debit cards can only send 10,000 per transaction. You can bypass the card limit by using the bank transfer option.

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Flutterwave offers fast and secure modes of sending and receiving money in different countries. The app was introduced to provide payment solutions to businesses around the world, and it has been integrated into various blogs and websites around the world.

You can receive money in Nigeria using this payment platform by first creating an account, then creating a payment link that can be shared across all types of platforms. You can track the inflow of funds through your unique payment link on your dashboard.


This app was introduced to help curb the high rates attached to sending money from other countries to Nigeria. The Fintech platform has been tested by millions of users around the world, and various users can attest to its speedy transfer rates.

Users are not expected to wait for up to 12-24 hours before their funds are released to their recipients. The Instarem payment platform is known for excellent service delivery in all countries where it’s adopted.


WirePay offers multipurpose functions, which include the ability to send and receive funds; users also have the option to save their money on the app. It is accepted in African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and 16 other countries.

The WirePay app also issues virtual cards that support various currencies in the world. Users can always fund their WirePay virtual card through any of the acceptable mediums, and the limit is capped at $1,000 per transaction.

In conclusion, this publication reviewed the top 10 choice apps you can use to electronically transfer funds from international countries like the USA, Canada, Spain, England, etc, to Nigeria.

You can consider any of the above-mentioned apps in transferring funds without having to transfer funds online at a reduced cost. Some apps like TransferGo may include additional charges to speed up transfer services.

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