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Emp3 Juice – Download Free Juicy Mp3 Music for Free via emp3juices.cc

Emp3 juice music site is a wonderful platform to stream and download all kinds of music from any part of the world. The free music hub is also known as mp3juices.

If you have ever tried several music websites and are still not convinced about them, then it is about time you get on with this platform.

The site has been running for some time now and has gradually become fans’ favorite. It is almost difficult to estimate the number of visitors on a daily basis, but by our investigation, they run into several thousand which is evidence of how great and satisfying the platform is.

Aside from being the place where you could actually get any mp3 music, the site has also been designed to ensure that users get optimum satisfaction. It is fast and very easy to use to the extent that even a child would have no issue with it.

We have used several music sites like MyFreeMp3 Juice and Mp3 quack in the past, but this has also surpassed our expectations. Therefore, It remains one of our favorite places to download and we are also recommending it to you. However, there are few things you should know about the emp3 juice site.


If you have ever used any other music search porter like Musicpleer, then you should have no issue with using Emp3juice.

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Mp3 juices allow you to stream and download any songs from their platform without subjecting you to any form of registration or commitment. This way, you can avoid the rigorous process common with sites like Audiomack.

The site has all genres of music you can think of, be it hip pop, jazz, pop music, folk music, blues, heavy metal, country music, dance music, classical music, reggae, disco, and many more. Visitors can even build a full album from there.

Emp3 Juices does not own the music, they are more like a referral. All songs are mostly gotten from servers like Youtube, Soundcloud, 4shared, PromoDj, and more. When a user requests music on the site, it quickly initiates contact with the servers and pushes them back to you in Audio or Mp3 format for you to download.

The chance of users finding songs they are looking for is so high because servers like youtube are known to be regularly updated. However, the downside known to emp3 juices is ads serving on the site. To help finance, most sites always have ads on their site. Only legalized like Apple music can afford not to show ads since to paid subscribers.

The website can be accessed through mobile or desktop browsers such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Phoenix, and Microsoft edge.


It is normal for users to ask questions being a site that is not authorized to distribute content. Emp3 juice is as safe as any legalized music site you know.

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Mp3 Music downloaded to your site will not harm your devices as they are gotten from reputable servers which include Youtube and Soundcloud. However, avoid clicking on any ads link to avoid being redirected to pages that offer nothing aside from slowing down your system.

If you mistakenly clicked on such a page, you can quickly close it instead of going further. Meanwhile, not all ads are bad, but some will only take you to a page filled with immorality.


It is often a wonderful feeling when users get their mp3 music for free especially on sites like Mp3juices. Despite that, they do not have the authority to provide or share content.

In other words, any user attempting to download mp3 music from emp3juice should know that it is an illegal site. However, if it does not tingle you, then you are free to download as much as you want.

If you need a site that is really free but with a few restrictions, you can as well download it from Audiomack. The site serves google ads as a way to keep the site going and also has a paid subscription plan for members who want to avoid advertisements and also open up more benefits.


Several fake sites imitate the site design, but that does not make them less responsive to your needs. However, most people would rather use the official mp3 juices website.

The correct and currently working emp3juices websites are:

  • emp3juices.cc
  • www.mp3juices.cc


1. Visit the mp3 juices websites

There are two sites currently working and you will need to visit any of them to download music. The two websites are www.mp3juices.cc and emp3juices.cc.

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Upon entering the domain name on the browser, you are taken to the homepage directly. The homepage does not have a featured post except the search bar and some trivial information.

2. Enter the artist or song name on the search bar

Now that you are on the homepage, you will need to enter the song name into the search field. Alternatively, you can provide the artist’s name but this will list all the songs released by the Artist. If you are looking for a particular song, then inputting the song name is the best option.

For instance, if you want to download black Skin Girl by Beyonce ft Ivy, Wizkid, and Saint John, then you just enter black skin girl Beyonce to narrow your search.

3. Click ‘Download’

The search result should be ready now. Scroll down and click ‘Download’ below the audio file you want to download. It should begin immediately.


If you do not want to download music to your device, the site also allows you to stream songs. Sometimes, it may be to confirm the quality or if it is the song you are looking to download. Follow the below steps to stream:

  • To stream songs right on the app, simply visit www.mp3juices.cc via your browser.
  • Search for the song by name or artist.
  • Click ‘Play’ to listen to the song.

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