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AZ Movies: Watch and download free movies on |

AZ Movies: Watch and download free movies on |

On AZ Movies, you can find almost all the movies and TV series you are looking for. The site is everything you ever want to see in a movie streaming and downloading site. Therefore, it is no gainsaying that it is one of the top ones we are proud to recommend to movie fanatics.

Although we have recommended quite a few ones which have also turned out to work well for our audience. But here is one that is worth checking out.

The site has been thoroughly looked into and we can confirm that it is well stocked with most of the top trending Tv series and movies online available for free streaming and downloading. And if you are also looking for old movies as well, a brief search would get you exactly what you are looking for. Users can easily stream to watch the movies online or download for offline viewing.

A-Z movies, the free online movies website can be accessed from any country including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. There is no need to download VPN unless access is not granted in your location. However, if your country is strict on copyright, then you need a good VPN to mask your IP addresses from being tracked.

What is AZmovies?

AZmovies is an online free movie site that thousands of users access daily for free streaming and downloading of movies.

AzMovies is an Indian online illegal torrent website, with users from all over the world. Despite the position, it remains one of the best sites that are quick in making available new releases of movies at no cost to their dedicated fans.

Whether you are into hard-cracked movies or just a mild one, you can easily source videos on the site. Making use of the site has not been an issue for fans, as it is well structured so that even children would easily find their way around Azmovie.

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To use, there is no need to register an account, but just a few touches to get your favorite movies. There are no time limits or any other form of restrictions, you will be able to stream and download as much as possible.

Features of AZ Movies Stream

The question is what makes Azmovie tick and this is exactly what we are trying to do. Below are some of the features on the popular movie site

1. Movies

This section is no doubt the most visited site judging by the number of movies one can find there. But what makes it outstanding is the way by which the page or extension as you would rather call it is structured.

Under the movies, you have Featured Movies, New Movies, Popular Movies, and Top Rated Movies. With these various links, it makes it easy for you to make decisions on the movies you want to see. For example, if you want the most talked about movie, then it might be worth checking out the Popular Movies or Top rated movies while the New movies Tab displays movies that are recently released to the public.

2. Genres

Movie fans are particular about a certain genre of movies. For some, it might just be the firepower type or Jackie chan style of movies while another set might just prefer to go with horror movies. Whatever your choice is, or has got you covered.

The section has almost all movie genres for you to stream or watch in whatever way applies to you. By that, we mean stream online or download for offline watch later.

The available genres on Azmovie include Action, Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Crime, Documentary, War, Western, Fantasy, Science fiction, Music, History, Romance, Thriller, Foreign, History, Family, Thriller, and Tv movies.

3. Actors

We all have our favorite actors and this extension will allow you to search using your favorite actor name. By using this method, you will be able to see all the movies that he or she features in.

If you are a fan of Dwayne Johnson, all you just need to do is to search using the name to see all the movies he has acted in.

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4. Home

Another important feature of the Azmovie is the Home. Sometimes, you might have found yourself wandering around results and you need to get back to where it started, all you have to do is click on the Menu and then Home. The section features some important resources that users can take advantage of.

5. Search bar

The search bar is very remarkable at getting specific content and this is one you want to associate with. With the search bar, you have no reason to stress yourself searching for a particular movie.

To make use of the search bar, simply tap Menu and go to ‘Search bar’ to watch or download Azmovies movies online.

Benefits of downloading movies on instead of streaming

To stream on Azmovies is to watch the movies online. This might be okay for people with unlimited data, not the same for people whose data is capped. However, downloading movies or series from Azmovies has more benefits than streaming and we are here to prove that.

First, downloading to devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet ensures you are never in a hurry to finish the line. Thanks to the download, users will be able to have it saved for offline view later.

Another is being able to share the movies with friends and families. Streaming does not present such a chance, but downloading does. This is also cost-effective.

Moreover, with some movies, the thrill does not end on the first view. Sometimes, you will need to relive the content again to grab what you have missed. By having it saved on your device, you could easily get started again.

Lastly, another advantage that downloading has over streaming is that you will be able to watch from anywhere without the need to depend on the internet. Sometimes, the Internet might also be bad but once you have already downloaded the movies from Azmovies, then you are just good to go to see the video at your convenience.

However, if you choose to download on, this comes with a small charge. If you want it free, then you will need to stream from the Az website.

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Is Azmovies Illegal?

Azmovies is a movie site popular for hosting copyrighted video content. Meanwhile, the site straddles the line between legal or illegal content as it also provides access links to legal movie sites like Vudu, Redbox, Amazon TV, and many more.

For several years, movie piracy has affected the industry with low earnings being one of the resultant effects, and the authorities are doing everything possible to curtail the activities. Unfortunately, it is not enough.

Although Azmovie serves the interest of movie lovers around the world by providing movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other industries at almost no cost, but to the detriment of people who have worked hard on the content.

Is Azmovies safe to use?

Yes, Azmovies is safe to use. Azmovies has been around for some time now and we have not received any negative reports about the app causing security issues or safety concerns to users and devices.

Besides, the site does not run annoying ads which even makes it safe for users. However, if this changes in the future, we will do our best to update you.

How to download Movies on Azmovies

The site to download the movie is if you visited the site and you found out you are unable to access it due to your location, you can get a good VPN and change the country or location to USA. Follow the below guides for how to download movies from

1. Enter on your device’s web browser.

2. Look for the movies you want to stream or download. You can search by genre, actors, or simply enter the movie name on the search bar.

3. Once the result is ready, click on it. However, you might be given two options, one is to stream and watch online while the other is to download to your device.

4. Click the ‘Download’ Icon to save the movie on your Device. Do note that at times, you might not even have a download icon.

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