Best alarm clock apps for iphone ipad

Top 5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone and iPad 2024

There are times you need an Alarm App not just to wake up at the right time, but to swing into action when it matters most.

Years back, alarm clocks are among the things that you will find in most homes because of the roles they play. They help us stay committed to the tasks laid before us. If you are having an interview by 7 am, you probably want to wake up before that time. This is one of the importance of setting up a bell that wakes us up when we are too tired or forgetful.

Also, alarm clocks can be used to train the body as you want to. If you set your alarm clock to 5 am regularly. As time goes on, you may no longer need it as the clock would have switched your body to fit into your regular expectations.

It also gives you peace of mind. You know how tiring to constantly look up things. With alarm clocks, you are at ease. Smartphones have even made it better, as you are now able to carry your alarm clock anywhere you go, thanks to the various Alarm Apps available for download on the IOS App Store.

If you are considering getting one of them, below are the best alarm apps for iPhone and Ipad:

1. Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

Are you looking for an intuitive alarm app that can detect your sleep pattern including coughing, snoring, and other things you likely do when you are fast asleep? Sleep Cycle is one of the best apps for that.

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Aside from that, it is smart enough to know when you are half asleep and then wake you up without attempting to hurt your day due to lack of enough sleep. This is an alarm app you will mostly fall in love with as it does not just help you sleep better, but care to put your health first.

Benefits you can get by downloading and installing the app on your phone consist of several alarm melodies to select from, your sleep analysis and graphs, a customizable wake-up window, and more. This is more than an alarm clock if you asked me!

Premium service is also available, but the free version will be enough for most people. Upgrading from a free plan to paid means you can get even more from Sleep Cycle App.

App Store: Download Sleep Cycle For iPhone and Ipad.

2. Progressive Alarm Clock

Let us do it this way. Check out the tones available on your default alarm clock. Pleasant enough? I guess it is probably because you are yet to experience Progressive alarm clock.

The sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl are always a delight to your ears, it wakes you up gently and also ensures you are not disorganized like you would have on most apps. Some sounds could end your sleep abruptly, and unapologetic to your state of mind.

You have the option of having it run in the background and without taking a toll on your battery. You will barely notice anything, thanks to the team effort towards optimizing it.

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Great features that could wow you include fluctuating bell schedules and escalation lengths, notes, creating passwords, and Auto-Lock setting. These are just tips of the options available for you on the Progressive alarm clock.

App Store: Download Progressive alarm clock For iPhone/Ipad.

3. Alarm Clock – My Music Alarms

Alarm Clock by Impala Studios is yet another top alarm app you will fall in love with after trying it out. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the store and could only get bigger.

Using this app on your iPhone or Ipad, you will be able to set unlimited alarms. You may not appreciate this enough until you are faced with multiple tasks which you can’t afford to miss. Imagine you have a meeting by 2 pm and a conference by 4 pm? You do not have to be overwhelmed by the demands of the day, let the app take care of it for you, while you use your mind for other things.

The paid version of the app offers an ad-free option. Notwithstanding, there are lots that the free app can do for you including Sleep Timer, BIG Snooze Buttons, Full watchOS 2 support, and Information about Weather. You just need to contest with the ads like you would do on any free apps.

You can even change the look of your phone screen by pulling out the screen saver option.

App Store: Download Alarm Clock – My Music Alarms For Free.

4. Loud Morning Alarm – Alarmy

Some people are heavy sleepers and no amount of gentle sounds played in their ears would wake them up quickly, so a stronger approach is needed to save them from missing important events and appointments.

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Loud morning alarm by Alarmy is the app that provides the loudest sound at the appointed time you set. There are many sounds to select from. Mild alarm clock sounds are also in store for light sleepers or people who just want a gentle reminder.

After installation on your IOS device, as a free subscriber, you can access several options such as Shake Mission, Barcode Mission, Photo Mission, and several customizations.

App Store: Download Loud Morning Alarm from Itunes.

5. Gesture Alarm Clock

Gesture may be the last on the list of the best alarm clock app for the Iphone and Ipad, but not necessarily inferior to others. The app has a unique way of doing its job to the extent that even heavy sleepers can be helped or those who tend to need reminders.

Once you have downloaded and installed it on your IOS device, you may not need another as it has several features that you are going to love. They include different ring options, local weather updates, a sleep timer to allow you to sleep using songs and sounds, aggressive and mild alarms, and low battery warning.

One of the most captivating features you may not see elsewhere is setting the alarm using your fingers. It works by placing your finger on the platform and you then draw the time. This feature is normally called “Gestures”. This is an app that is worth installing if you are looking for one that does help with sleep and also tingles you at the selected time.

App Store: Download Gesture Alarm Clock For iPhone and Ipad.

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