How to check smile data balance

How to check smile data balance

If you are on the smile voice plan only or subscribed to any smile data plan, you will want to check your data balance once in a while to keep track of your data usage.

Checking smile data balance or smilevoice is very important, it could also be used to check if someone has been using your data without your knowledge. If yes, you will have to boot them out.

If you suspect that someone has been using your smile router wifi. Remove them by connecting your PC to the router using a LAN cable ~ Enter on your browser ~ Enter password. Go to WLAN ~ Security ~ Enter the new wlan passcode ~ Click “Apply”. Existing wifi users will be disconnected and will need the new wlan passcode to use the smile plan again.

Smile communications has been providing fast 4G/LTE broadband services to households and businesses for years in Nigeria and some parts of Africa. The mission is clear, which is to become the best internet service provider in countries where it operates. They now operate in more than 6 states in Nigeria and with a plan to take over more states.

As a smile subscriber, this article will guide you on how to check data balance on the smile network.

How to check data balance on Smile 4G

  • Visit to view your smile data balance.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ tab.
  • Enter your Username/Email/SmileVoice Number and password.
  • On the portal, you will be able to view your data, manage data and view data usage.
  • Alternatively, you can check your smile data balance by sending “Y” to “343” if you have installed the SmileVoice app on your phone.


If you are still having issues with your data or how to manage it. You could get in touch with Smile customer care or visit any smile office around you. They would be able to help in any way they can.

Smile communications have a lot of professionals spread around the country, all qualified to attend to your requests and complaints.

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