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How To Start Eurosport Player Free Trial

Eurosport is a popular online television streaming channel that offers a wide range of live streaming sports content. Just as the name implies, Eurosport is focused on audiences from Europe, and trying to access it from anywhere else will leave you a prompt that the video is unavailable in your country and you may be able to view using Eurosport Player. But as a new user, you’ll be given access to Eurosport Player free trial for 7 days.

Sports like Snooker, Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Cycling, Basketball, Motorsports, Climbing, and many other live and on-demand videos of sports events can be streamed when you subscribe. This service is a standalone platform without the need to have a satellite or cable subscription.

How To Start Eurosport Player Free Trial

how to get eurosport player free trial

To get started with Eurosport Player free trial,

Upon your first subscription as a new user, you’ll be given free access to the features on the platform for 7 days. During these days, you’ll be able to stream as many videos as you want and get the full enjoyment of the platform.

Once the Eurosport Player 7 days free trial ends, you’ll have to continue to stream as you want after choosing a plan and activating a subscription package.

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Eurosport Player pricing

Eurosport Player pricing becomes essential after you have exhausted your free package. Your subscription starts at £6.99 per month. Lovers of sports have a kind of craving that will not find this price too high.

With your subscription, you’ll be able to watch countless on-demand and live sports content. So, even when you start the Eurosport player free trial, your subscription is essential to keep harnessing the platform.

Can I Use Eurosport Player Free Trial Outside Of Europe?

You can only use Eurosport Player free trial whether as a free trial user or as a full subscriber in the European countries. But with a good VPN, you can be a user elsewhere.

This will also allow you to change between the contents available in countries of Europe. But then, you’ll still need to pay using Europe billing.

How To Watch Eurosport Player Free Trial In Other Countries Outside Europe

If you want to get access to the Eurosport Player in other countries outside Europe, simply pick a VPN provider. There are countless VPN services to pick from. Download the recommended application suitable for your own device.

Activate the app and log in. Then choose a server in any of the approved European countries where Eurosport works.

Sign in or log in to your Eurosport account. That should help you to stream contents of your choice from the Eurosport player.

Get started with your Eurosport Player free trial straight away.

Which Country Is Eurosport Player Available?

Over 50 countries including Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Poland can readily stream videos from Eurosport players. Surprisingly, the United States is not among.

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However, VPN can also help you access the platform, and even test with different countries by swapping contents provided in various versions all around Europe. This is helpful considering the different rights they may have in different sports.

Can I Watch Premier League On Eurosport Player?

Eurosport has different license agreements for different countries. So, the country you are watching from will determine what exactly you have access to on the platform. For instance, you can watch the Premier League on the app from Romania. But it is also important to note that things can change from time to time as deals on premiership matches change also.

Devices Compatible With Eurosport Player

There are quite a number of devices that can be used with Eurosport player. Eurosport is compatible with MAC, PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS. It is however not available on devices such as AppleTV and Playstation.

Eurosport Player Contents

Eurosport player is focused on sports. You’ll find almost all the kinds of sports you can think of available on the player. The types of sports you’ll readily find on the platform include Golf, Fencing, Rugby, Swimming, Horse racing, Cricket, Formula E, Boxing, Cycling, Tennis, and several others.

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