Best Video Converter App For Android And iOS

10 Best Video Converter App For Android And iOS

Smartphones let you do more. It serves multipurpose functions and could also be regarded as one of the best things to happen to mankind. And some of these functions involve using apps to carry out advanced tasks such as converting a video to a different file format using dedicated apps from their respective store.

There are different kinds of digital video formats. Some will rather have their media as MP4, MP3 (audio) especially if the other types are not supported on their device. So to avoid missing out on content, there are apps that can help with the conversion of your video files to another.

Although it is common for people to want to convert their video files to MP3 or any other audio type, there are still some apps listed below that allow you to change your file to another video media type (MP4, 3GP, ALV, MOV).

10 Best Video Converter Apps For Android And iOS

  • 1-Click Video Converter
  • The File Converter
  • Media Converter
  • YouCut
  • Video to MP3 converter
  • IConverter
  • Video Converter Android
  • Total Video Converter
  • VideoShowLite
  • MConverter

1-Click Video Converter

This is recordable as the fastest and easy-to-use video converter on the Apple play store with a 4.4 review. You can convert any type of video format for free on your IOS device without worrying about making in-app purchases.

The app supports all types of video formats and helps convert them in one click. All you need to do is to import the video into the app and convert it to the file format of your choice, you may then export the converted file to any smartphone or desktop device.

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The File Converter

The File converter app was created by Smooth Mobile LLC, and it was designed to convert diverse media files. You can use the app to convert videos to audio, serves as a great tool for converting PDF files to DOC, TXT formats, etc, and it also features a picture, video, and document editor.

The great thing about this app is that it is available for both Android and IOS users, while it helps convert any of your files within few seconds, and it works by importing files from your SD card, internal storage or the cloud space.

Media Converter

This is a famous converter app on the Play Store that powers the conversion of all media files. This is the perfect app that converts virtually all types of media files that existed before 2023 so you need not worry if your video is in MPEG, AVI, WAV, and many other formats.

The media converter also allows users to perform basic editing settings such as changing a video appearance and extracting sounds for effects or ringtones purposes. In addition, users can cut out videos they like and save them as a new file while keeping the original. Available on Google Play Store.


This app offers similar features to PICSART, Inshot, Viva video, etc while it focuses on video and audio editing, and it includes tools such as changing video formats. Take for example you downloaded a tutorial guide on how to code from the internet and you downloaded the AVL format of the video, you can use this app to change the file format to MP4 or 3GP which are compatible with Android devices.

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You can always cut out interesting parts from a video and combine them. You can use this app to make a video or picture compilation. It can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Video to Mp3 converter

This app is mainly focused on extracting audio sounds from videos while leaving you with the original file. It is one of the easiest video converter apps you’ll find on the play store with reviews of over 4.5.

The video conversion process can go on in the background while you minimize the app to do other things, and the app is compatible with all Android devices.


This is a unique video converter app that’s specially designed for iPhone users with the core aim of simplifying the video-audio conversion process. The iConverter app supports all types of files, and you can extract video files from your phone memory or the cloud space before converting them.

You can edit and convert pictures, and video files, and there are no limitations to how many files you can convert daily. You can also use the app to watch videos, and movies on your IOS device.

Video Converter Android

This is an advanced video converter app that millions of people around the world use to modify their video files. The app automatically scans all your storage devices, while you select the right video to convert, and you get to be in total control of the conversion process in the sense that you get to edit a video by specifying the start and end points. You can further extract ringtones from your converted video files, and other sounds you may find interesting.

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In addition, the app allows you to duplicate your already existing video in a mini or large file format. Available for free on Play Store.

Total Video Converter

You can deduce what the app offers from its name however the app offers more than just video-audio conversion because you can also convert video files to different formats (e.g converting from MP4-WMV, 3GP-MKV, etc).

Pro users of the total video converter app can burn video files into DVD, and can also combine diverse videos before converting. A 5-year-old can use the total video converter app, which shows how easy it is to use the app.

The app is only available for IOS users, but it does not support extracting videos from your iCloud before converting.


The VideoShowLite performs video editing and conversion functions in the sense that you can use the app to change video effects, add or decrease brightness/sharpness, add customized stickers to videos, etc

The VideoShowLite is also great for converting video files into multiple formats. Take for example you want to convert an HD video to an MP4 format in order to reduce the video size and save space on your phone without worrying about a change in quality.


The MConverter app is a three-in-one converter app that works on Android devices. It features a great tool for converting all types of video, document, and audio files.

The Mcoverter app is free to download, but making in-app purchases is inevitable if you want to enjoy the app’s unlimited features.

In conclusion, there are various video converter apps on the Apple and Google Play store designed to help solve the issue of converting video-audio formats and modifying video formats in order to make them accessible on all devices.

You can always choose from the above converter apps to improve your media streaming experience.

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