Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS

10 Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS

Speech disorders prevent effective communication, and it often affects all age groups while millions of people around the world suffer from speech disorders such as stuttering and dysarthria.

The causes of these speech disorders have often been attributed to autism, and brain deficiency. Luckily, there are mobile apps designed to help tackle problems related to speech impairment in the old and young.

This publication will shine the torch on 10 of the best speech therapy apps for Android and IOS devices. These apps can be used and practiced at home without the need to visit a professional speech therapist.

  • Conversation Therapy
  • SpeakEasy
  • Mita Language Therapy
  • CommBoards Lite
  • Proloquo2Go
  • Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies
  • Stamurai
  • Buddo
  • LetMeTalk

1. Conversation Therapy

This app was designed for people who struggle to hold a verbal conversation with mini or large groups of people. This may be caused by diverse health challenges such as Autism, dementia, or maybe a fatal accident that affected the brain or nervous system.

The conversation therapy app is educative and fun to use while also give users the option to choose to learn how to interact efficiently with their hobbies or topics of interest. For example, you may choose the current events category to learn about various things happening around the world while you get to improve your speech.

The app features more than 10 topics of interest and more than 3000 questions to choose to answer from. The app is only available on the Apple play store while it’s available in 10 languages, and it only costs $25. Available for IOS device.

2. SpeakEasy

The SpeakEasy app is a parenting app designed for infants who are having trouble learning basic communication skills and can help ace your child’s development.

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This is the best app to choose on your Android or IOS device if you feel your child is experiencing a delay in learning how to speak.

Although it is important to note that some children learn faster than others, this app can prevent your child from lagging orally. The SpeakEasy app replaces the need of hiring a speech therapist to help improve your child’s oral skills, and it can be practiced anywhere.

3. Mita Language Therapy

This is an app that offers professional help to parents who have kids that are challenged with speech delay problems. The app offers total guidance to parents or caregivers who want to help an autistic patient improve his oral skills.

This amazing app has been tested and trusted by millions of caregivers, and parents around the world to help autistic patients improve verbally. People who get to choose this app get to enjoy the app in different languages such as Spanish, Chinese, etc. Available for downloading on IOS device.

4. CommBoards Lite

This is an interactive app designed to help people of all ages communicate verbally without limitations. The app intends to educate you while you also have fun while learning how to sharpen your oral skills and creative thinking.

Users who choose the CommBoards Lite app will be challenged by a simple puzzle where they’ll have to arrange symbols or pictures to form a word, and these words must then be read aloud.

This app does more than help you improve your verbal skills, it also focuses on improving your listening and diction skills since it features a free pronunciation tool. The app is also available on IOS devices.

5. Proloquo2Go

The Proloquo2Go app focuses on people who have trouble speaking, or cannot hold a long-term conversation. People may suffer from the inability to speak for various reasons such as health damage caused by tumors or cancers of the brain, fatal accidents, etc.

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The app features images and hundreds of recorded sound recordings that act as a self-help guide for people who are trying to learn how to communicate effectively. The app can be downloaded on the Apple play store however, the app comes at 250 USD.

6. Speech Therapy for Kids and Babies

The speech therapy app understands the need to support babies’ development. It’s no news that babies between the ages of 1-4 years of age often struggle to pronounce words effectively meanwhile some kids are smart enough to hold effective communication within 1-3 years of age.

The app features in-app games or tasks for parents/babysitters to carry out with kids in other to improve their speaking skills. This speech therapy app can also help boost your child’s diction and vocal cords.

Although the app is made for kids, there are no age restrictions on the app’s usage. Available on Apple Store.

7. Stamurai

The Stamurai app hopes to provide therapeutical support for kids who are experiencing stuttering or stammering. Statistical reports have shown that people who stutter or stammer often exhibits low self-esteem, and that explains why this easy-to-use app was brought into the limelight to address stuttering.

People who use this app are expected to overcome stuttering if they practice all the training lessons in the app. Users are expected to be able to read aloud and be fluent at the end of their training sessions.

You can also recommend the Stamurai app to people who can benefit from the app usage while they build their confidence level. Available on Play Store and Apple Store.

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8. Buddo

This Buddo app is geared at building self-esteem in kids and adults who are faced with speech disorders. The creators of the Buddo app understand that fears and anxiety often contribute a major role in speech development, so they adopted techniques such as mind-body techniques in improving self-confidence.

The techniques adopted in the Buddo app will aid fluency if you practice all the courses provided in the app. The app contains a 90-day training course that will enable you to speak of multitudes if practiced effectively. It is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store.

9. LetMeTalk

The LetMeTalk app was specially designed for people who have trouble passing information through word of the mouth. The app creators felt the need to introduce a free mobile speech therapy app that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The app has been tested and approved by some professional speech therapists since it makes use of thousands of images to help people understand how to communicate effectively. Android and IOS users can use the images provided in the app to build their vocal cords and learn how to pronounce words better.

This app is best suitable for autism patients who have trouble completing a meaningful sentence without mumbling.


This is an app designed for people who want to overcome stuttering or talking too fast. I once used this app to overcome talking too fast because the app enables me to read sentences aloud while I record my voice and playback.

The app further allows users control their tempo and it also helps boost confidence when it comes to public speaking because it promotes fluency after practice. The app is available on Android and IOS devices.

In conclusion, technology has made it possible for anyone to learn how to improve their speech from the comfort of their homes without needing to visit a professional speech therapist, and you can always choose from 10 of the best speech therapy apps for Android and IOS devices mentioned above.

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