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Best Ways To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating

One of the issues with laptop is Overheating especially the aging ones. Almost a good numbers of people do not know ways to stop the laptop from overheating.

If you are among them, this post will do justice to it and also help in highlighting reason why your computer overheats.

Why your Laptop overheat?

Overheating in a laptop is mostly caused because of lack of airflow to the fan, which then resulted to failure in the hard disk.

Overheating damages computer, it can slow down your system and as well automatically shuts it down. This can result in data loss or damage the laptop.

You won’t even understand that overheating is the root of your problems, and before you realize it, you’ve got a burnt motherboard. More reasons why you need to start taking care of your computer.

Having mentioned the major reason why laptop heats up, the second is that the components are heating up to the extent that the computer’s cooling system could no longer manager it.

It automatically shut down itself to prevent or avert further damages like our smartphones do when it reaches its breaking point.

How Do I Keep My Laptop from Overheating?

Get a laptop cooling mat

The first time I saw a cooling mat was on jumia and later, my friend got one. I can confirm that it performs beautifully.

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Cooling mat helps you extend the service life of your laptop and protects against lost productivity due to overheating and provides a comfortable position.

Features of Cooling Mat

  • It helps to distribute air effectively and quietly
  • Low power consumption and with minimal impact
  • Pad is built to be used either on your desk or on your lap.Ways To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating gistfocus.com

Raise the laptop

This comes at no cost to you. Have a book, maybe the usual huge crime story novel size placed under the laptop. This allows air passage to the laptop.

Make sure the book is not blocking the fan when placed to avoid random blue screen crashes.

Use in a cool environment

you should try using your laptop in a cool or air-conditioned area.

It helps to protect your system from overheating and also ensure you get your tasks done quickly.

Remember overheating shuts down your system down which will in do doubt slow your work. Never use your laptop under the sun or close to the sun rays.

Stop Your Laptop From Overheating - gistfocus.com

Install application to help with tracking

There are lots of application online to help you keep track of your computer’s condition. Among them are Speccy and Hwmonitor.

Having these programs installed on your computer gives you detailed information on every piece of the laptop hardware.

Reduce the brightness

This works well for me over the year. I could remember when I was using my acer laptop. I could spend several hours on it without getting overheating.

A friend once asked me, “how come mine never overheat?”

It is pretty clear I know how to take care of my laptop. Major thing I have understood over the years is that your screen brightness does not necessarily have to be optimised fully.

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Puting your screen brightness to a reasonable percentage will help avoid overheating.

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Avoid opening too much applications

Most people are guilty of this. If you are running several applications at the same time, you will be giving the laptop more than it can manage.

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