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How to use GTB Ussd Code For Quick Transactions- Gtbank *737#

As Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) continues to grow, then comes the need to add this great feature to help speed service delivery. This feature is popularly known as GTb bank ussd code.

The service allows you access to some basic financial . With the GTB ussd code *737#, you will be able to reactivate your dormant account, purchase airtime, pay bills and even more.

Asking how you are going to do that having ignored your account for so long? Take it easy champ, all will be revealed on this post coupled with the other great features.

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Trust me there are lots of things you can do with *737# code and the good thing is that you do need to be connected to the internet before performing some functions.

I know there have been much talks and doubts about what you can do with the GTB smart code, more reasons why I need to deliver to you.

How to Open GTB Account using GTB bank ussd code *737#?

I do know a lot of people do dread the idea of going to the branch office to get an account opened for them.

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There is a lot to be done, the queue can be overwhelming and so is the documentation.

Here we have an escape without ever visiting the office and that is Account Opening through the use of GTB mobile money code USSD Code.
All you need to do is dial *737*0# and follow the on-screen prompts. You will receive your 10 digit account number after completion.

How to reactivate your dormant account using GTB ussd code?

  • Dial *737*11# on the mobile number registered with the bank. Input your BVN and press 1 to continue.
  • For completion, transact with your bank by buying not less than 100 Airtime. It will be instantly opened after a successful transaction.

How to transfer money to GTB account with GTB bank ussd code

Dial *737*1*Amount*Beneficiary’s account number* i.e * *737*1*2000*1234567890# from the registered phone number then follow on-screen prompts.

How to transfer money to other banks with GTB ussd code *737#?

  • Dial *737*2*Amount*Beneficiary’s account number* i.e * *737*2*2000*1234567890# from the phone number you registered with the bank.
  • Confirm authentication with *737# pin, your last four digits on your card or GTB hardware token.

How to Purchase Airtime with GTB ussd code *737#?

You can use GTB smart code to purchase airtime for yourself, family and friends.

It affords you the freedom and convenience of topping your account balance no matter where you are.

1. For self-top up airtime

Dial *737*amount on your phone i.e *737*500#

2. To purchase airtime for family and friends

*737*amount*beneficiary’s number# i.e *737*500*08021234578#

How to create a GTB Pin for your transaction using GTB code *737#

  • Simply dial *737*5, then input your last 6 digits of your card.
  • Create your 4 digit pin.
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How to withdraw cash without your debit card using GTB bank ussd code *737#

  • All you need is to dial *737*3*amount# on your mobile no connection to your GTB account.
  • Follow the prompt to generate your withdrawal code and authenticate your request with your GTB Pin.
  • Enter the withdrawal code into any GTB atm to complete your transaction. Your withdrawal will be processed instantly and you can now retrieve your cash.

How to withdraw your fund at any Total service station using gtb code *737

  • You can have your fund released to you at any Total Filling Station by dialing *737*50*amount*50# on your mobile number.
  • Input the unique station code (sap code)
  • Type in your *737# pin or the last 4 digit pin on your debit card.
  • Your account will be debited while total gets credited with an SMS confirming the transaction. Cash will be released to you by Total.

Codes to make inquiries using GTB bank ussd code *737#

  • To check account balance, account number and BVN, simply dial *737*6*1#
  • To check your card status, dial *737*6*3#
  • To check Cheque Book Status, dial *737*6*4#
  • To check Loan Balances dial *737*6*2#

How to create One Time Password (OTP) using GTB bank ussd code *737#?

  • If you want to make a quick transaction, dial *737*7# to get an OTP.
  • This feature allows you to get an OTP which is valid for 2 minutes and can validate the transaction of up to NGN500,000.

Airtime advance using GTB bank ussd code *737#

  • The airtime advance is available to Pre-qualified GTB Salary Account Holders who is allowed to borrow 5,000 airtime and pay at month end.
  • To get airtime loan, simply dial *737*8*1#
  • Follow on-screen prompts and authenticate with your GTBank debit card last 4 digits.
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Salary advance using GTB code *737#

  • The requirements for salary advance is same as airtime advance except that you can only get 50% of your monthly salary.
  • To access, simply dial *737*8*2# from the registered mobile number with the bank.

How to pay bills with GTB bank ussd code *737#

  • Dial *737# from your mobile number registered with the bank.
  • Reply with 6 and then with the specified number of the biller.
  • Then follow on screen prompts to complete the on-screen prompts to complete transaction.

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