Bioreigns cbd reviews

Bioreigns review – What is the story behind this CBD MLM?

It is worth checking out this review about Boreigns and also know if it is real or just another scam.

Bioreigns is a multi level marketing company known for CBD products and as well provides opportunities for anyone to make money.

The company uses innovation, driven by discovery and advanced technology, rapidCT, to ensure that people are nourished with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, whether your priority is to have a deep sleep, or strengthen your mind and body, Bioreigns have got your back and you may not need to try another CBT company after using any of their products.

In case you are wondering what CBD is all about. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, and currently gaining ground with many companies now into it. Many CBD companies have emerged and are currently one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. Cannabidiol is a blend found in cannabis and hemp plants. The compound is even the dominant ingredient and has been known to be an essential element that can be used for the body.

Although, many people may have a different opinion of hemp and cannabis which is quite understandable considering it is subject to abuse. For most people, it is mainly a plant that makes one high, but CBD extracted from it has been proven that it does not make anyone high.

The WHO has further carried out several tests to ascertain if it is worth using, but all results have been proven that Cannabidiol (CBD) has no negative effect on the human body.

Due to that, CBD is now legal in most places in the US and subject to some forms of restrictions which implies that only qualified people in fields such as medicine will be able to outrightly possess it. However, people are still able to obtain it without owning a medical cannabis license.

Cannabidiol can also be used to treat seizures, anxiety, also for chronic pain, and many more. Whatever your thoughts are, you might be surprised to know that the CBD sector could scoop more sales as people are beginning to shape for the biggest unusual event.

Bioreigns as one of the CBD oil companies will be looking extensively at what they offer, how it can benefit, and how you can also earn money by selling CBD products.


what is bioreigns

BioReigns was officially founded in 2019 in the USA and with a company size of 200 to 500, it is basically an MLM firm that deals in CBD products and with a registered office which can be found on their website.

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Although there is no information about the owners, an investigation revealed that the Cannabidiol Products Company was headed by two people namely, Dominic Contino and Bryan Reed.

The bioreigns products are manufactured in the US which is the first step in convincing anyone to buy. We all know that the FDA in the US tends to expect a lot of quality from any manufacturing company, but for now, Epidiolex, a drug for treating seizures, is the only product certified by the United States FDA. A good sign if you ask me and this piece of information could also be a line to slot in when trying to sell.

CBD is used during the manufacturing process and you can rest assured that the products are developed by capable hands while also ensuring users come into no harm.


1. Nutritional

This product will ensure you get the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to keep the body healthy.

  • Bioreigns Nutritional Products and Prices
  • Gh almond protein | vanilla berry – $59.99
  • Gh almond protein | vanilla – $59.99
  • Gh almond protein | chocolate – $59.99
  • Limitless – $69.99
  • Hydrate – $59.99
  • Keto – $99.99
  • Gh protein | vanilla – $59.99
  • Gh protein | chocolate – $59.99

2. Tinctures

Tinctures have a lot of benefits for the body. Some of the plants used to make Tinctures are Feverfew leaf, Chamomile flower, Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng, and Gingko Leaf. All these ingredients are known to be beneficial to the body and help treat a variety of ailments.

  • Lean – $89.99
  • Defense – $89.99
  • Sleep – $89.99
  • Pure curcumin – $69.99
  • Vital IQ + collagen – $89.99
  • Vital IQ kids – $69.99
  • CBD daily – $69.99
  • CBD daily+ | full spectrum – $69.99
  • Pure CBD+ | full spectrum – $69.99
  • Pure CBD – $69.99
  • Pet – $49.99
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3. Topicals

You can invoke the power of natural ingredients delivered with Bioreigns’ exclusive RapidCell Technology to give your skin and body the right treatments, thanks to the topical remedy. A topical medication is a mixture normally apply to the skin or body and there are several products you could try on Bioreigns.

  • Bath bomb – $14.99
  • The day serum – $89.99
  • The night serum – $89.99
  • The cream – $49.99
  • The roll-on – $49.99
  • The salve – $39.99
  • The lotion – $49.99

4. Gummies

Gummies do not have to be the treat you give yourself when you feel like dancing your mouth, you can get nutrients while taking your candies.

The CBD gummies can be used to reduce depression, stress, anxiety, pain and also give you a good sleep. Do note that despite being made using CBD, they are safe to ingest.

  • Vital IQ gummy | collagen – $89.99
  • Vital IQ gummy | organic + collagen – $89.99
  • Vital IQ gummy | kids – $69.99
  • Vital IQ gummy kids | organic – $79.99
  • Cbd gummy – $69.99
  • Cbd gummy | organic – $79.99

5. Packages

If you are purchasing more and you feel you should get a discount, Bioreigns also have special fees for everyone. With this, you should save some dollars.

Below are the packages:

Better you pack – it comes with Gl protein almond, bio limitless, hydrate, and tinctures product.
-Price: $225

Better you keto pack – the package has hydrate, keto, gh protein chocolate, and bio limitless.
-Price: $225

Bioflight travel set – In the package, you will find 1 bio limitless, 1 CBD gummy, 5 Tinctures products, and 1 CBD daily plus/pure CBD+.
-Price: $109.99

bio. skin pack – It comes with day and night serum.
– Price: $154.99

Limitless lean stack – It comes with bio limitless and 1 lean.
-Price: $135

Daily essentials pack – the package includes 1 CBD daily, 1 bio sleep, and one limitless.
-Price: $189.99

Wellness pack – It includes 1 bio limitless, 1 vital IQ, and 1 defense.
-Price: $239.99

hydrate | keto pack –
-Price: $129.


is bioreigns scam legit

Bioreigns is a multi level marketing company, and not in any way a pyramid scheme. They are legit, not a scam, and follow a respectable business model.

Here are the reasons why we suggested that.

Most fake companies do not possess a physical location, but not in the case of Bioreigns. To ensure they are not harming anyone, they had to subject themselves to a 3rd party test which was carried out by Evio Labs. This further shows how much value they are willing to provide to the company. A firm that only wants to stay for a while will not have gone through such length.

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The only downside is that the company never discloses how they are extracting the CBD and where they are getting it from. It is normal for Manufacturing companies dealing with CBD to provide such info, this way the public is informed about the quality and as well removes all doubts that might pop in due to the controversies surrounding hemp and cannabis, but which Bioreigns fail to do so.

Nonetheless, all the ingredients in the products are available on the website, product sheet, and on the product’s label.


Epidiolex is the only drug confirmed and approved by The United States Food and Drug Administration. Having been validated by the establishment, one could conclude that this product works.

Others are yet to pass through such screening but Bioreigns claims that all products really work well. They may have gone through rigorous testing, but there are still yet substantial facts to determine if the product works or not.

Still, there are lots of videos about Bioreigns CBD Products on Youtube you might want to see, and they have mostly been positive so far.


If you are considering buying the products outside the USA, it is not available to most countries as the company does not ship any CBD products.

Only USA and Canada could purchase Bioreigns products for now, but we can expect more countries to be on the list as countries now start modifying the statutes revolving around Cannabidiol.


Bioreigns provides you an opportunity to make money with their CBD products.

You can make money selling as a retailer. To make money as a retailer, you can buy products at wholesale prices and then sell for profit.

Alternatively, you can also employ people to sell for you and make money off them. This ensures you have lots of commission and easily the best way to make cool money from Bioreigns.


Bioreigns has popular payment methods and you should find one you could use to pay for the products.

Paypal, Discover, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard are among the options available for customers.


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  • Bioreigns office address: Bio Headquarters, 1451 Edinger Ave Unit D, Tustin, CA 92780.

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