how to download music for free on spotify

How To Download Music From Spotify For Free

Perhaps, the joy that comes from knowing that you can download your favorite music for free on Spotify is never appreciated. Well, not entirely free except that you make a small contribution to have the whole list for free.

When the news broke out, it was one of the biggest updates that fans from around the world were hoping for for years. The ability to download tracks on not just your mobile phone, but also on desktop and web browsers has increased the popularity of the premium music app.

Spotify is truly remarkable when it comes to providing easy access to its users across all devices and platforms. Over the years, it is one of the music apps where you can have access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from all over the world. Quite similar to what apple music is offering, except that it is what exactly most people would be looking for due to the free music it provides even if you are not a premium customer. Nevertheless, both are great.

Starting with the streaming music app is quick. All you need to do is go to your phone store. Android has Google Play Store, Apple has App Store and you can also use the desktop or web browsers. Sign up using your email or access by connecting using your Facebook account. Once done, you will have access to songs for free.

Premium customers could get more done on Spotify. As a subscriber, the online streaming music removes lock to ensure you have access to unlimited songs, download high-quality music and podcasts, no annoying advertisement, and unlimited skips. All these are just tips of what you can enjoy once you finally open your purse.

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That being said, you need to pay a fee to be able to download any music for free anytime and any day provided you are actively subscribed to the premium plan. Also, do note the music will only be able to play offline on the app, and not like you have it downloaded on your device. It works exactly like the popular Audiomack offers.

If you are unsure whether it could be worth it, you can take advantage of the 3 months free trial offered by the music giant. During this period, you should at least grab everything you need to know about them. If you are truly a music fan, then you will want to stick with the premium plan due to the unlimited access.


iPhone and Android users can follow this guide to download music from Spotify:

  • Open the Spotify app on your iPhone, Ipad, or Android.
  • Log in to your Premium Spotify account and then click “Your Library”. It should be at the lower right corner of your phone screen.
  • Then click on any playlist you wish to download and listen to offline and click the “Download Button”. Once the download completes, it will change to green.
  • To play the music online without the internet, you just need to launch your app, go to ‘Your Library”, then music, and go to the songs you want to play which should be under “Playlists” or “Album”. Music available for listening offline will show the downward-facing green arrow.
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To see the downloaded songs, visit “Your Library”, select “Music” and click “Playlist” or “Album”.


Premium customers on Spotify will be able to download only the playlist on their computer. Below is the guide:

To download music from Spotify to your computer, simply log in to your premium account using your login details.

Look for the playlist you want to download and click the download button. The toggle will turn green once it is in motion.

Once the download completes, the music on the playlist will be available offline.

To view your downloaded playlist, click settings, proceed to advanced settings, and offline songs storage. From the location, you should see the list.

If you are yet to download the application for desktop, simply visit the official Spotify download link to get started.


If you suddenly get tired of a particular music or you feel that a song was mistakenly downloaded and you should not be available offline, you can remove them by simply moving or toggling the download green button.

If you are on an IOS device such as an Ipad or iPhone, it follows a different approach. To remove the song, tap the green arrow facing download, and click “Remove”.

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