How to download free on apple music

How To Download Songs On Apple Music For Free

The kind of excitement you get when you know you can download your favorite music for free on Apple Music is so much. Officially, only paid subscribers will be able to download music and play offline on iPhone and Ipad. This access is only provided as long as you are still under the subscription.

Nevertheless, you can own the songs or playlists forever and even save them on your other devices such as personal computers, smartphones, or storage. These tricks are not usually straightforward, but it is a price worth paying for something that the music giant put a dollar on.

But first, let’s discuss extensively about one of the music giants, which is arguably in the same league as Spotify.

Spotify is an online music streaming app that provides free access to millions of podcasts, and songs for free. It is worth pointing it out again that you will only be able to stream the song for free, but you cant download them without subscribing to their plans.

Meanwhile, users can still listen to music they have already paid for, uploaded, or ripped. The only disadvantage is that you will not have all the benefits of a premium plan. For instance, free users are shown ads which is among the few hiccups of being one. Also, Music saved to Apple iCloud can also be listened to provided you have an Apple Music membership.

Therefore, subscribing to the plan may provide more than using Apple Music for Free. Besides, you need to have downloaded the content for offline listening before you can even copy or share the apple music with other devices except you have a list already.


The mobile app is available online for both Android and IOS users and can be downloaded for free. To download on Android, simply search Apple Music on Google Play Store while it is preinstalled on Iphone and Ipad. Once done, set up by creating an Apple ID and then login.


Step 1

To download any songs, you will first need to launch the Apple Music App.

Step 2

Select any songs that intrigue you. If you have another in mind, click the search button and enter the name of the artists, songs, lyrics, or whatever associated with them. Let’s go with “Beyonce” here.

Step 3

The results are now ready. You will notice you are provided several options to access songs from the list. You could click on artists, playlists, entire albums, or stick to default top results.

Step 4.

Once you now have the song you want to download in view, click the +sign close to the song you want to download. It will be automatically added to your library. You will also be able to add an entire playlist and album by clicking +Add.


This can be done on any computer that has Itunes installed or on Mac. Below are the guides:

1. Launch Itunes to get started

The first thing you should do is open iTunes. Pc users can launch it by going to the “Start menu” while Mac users will find it on the bottom of their screen. By double-clicking the iTunes icon, it will open up the interface.

2. Enable the iCloud Music Library

iCloud Music Library is a platform for storing all your collection of music.

To turn on the iCloud Music Library, click Edit > Preferences from the Menu.

Then click “General”, it should be the first icon you will see at the top of the page opened before you.

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Check the box sitting side by side with “iCloud Music.”

Tap the download button and check the box next to “Music.”

Click “OK” to on the iCloud Music Library.

3. Find the music to add to your Library.

The next step is to find the song you wish to download to your music library. If you have not, enter the name of the song, album, or playlist on the search field.

Once you have found the particular song you want to download, tap + close to the song and it will be automatically downloaded to your library.

To add an entire playlist or album, Click +ADD. You can also open an album or playlist, if you want to add a song from there and then click +sign next to the song.

4. Find the song, playlist, or album you want to download

Go to the library tab and look through the album or playlist you want to download for offline listening.

If you are using a computer, click the “Cloud Icon” next to the song while on MAC, click the “arrow” pointing downward. Users can also download any songs from the playlist or album by clicking through.


Using MP3 Converter

If you really want to break away from Apple’s corner and enjoy your music across any device, Then it means you are looking for how to copy or move the songs, playlist, or album from Apple Music to other devices like computer, android phones, and storage. The best part of it is that you will be able to share with anyone including friends and families once you have broken the lock.

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The reason why you are not able to copy, transfer or listen on an unauthorized device is due to the DRM (digital rights management) placed on all songs on Apple Music. This can be corrected using an MP3 converter and we are particularly keen on Apple Music Converter.

The Apple Music Converter helps you remove the DRM protection placed on songs and automatically convert the default mp4 music to mp3, aac, or any popular audio formats that can be played easily on any device.

Here is a quick guide on how to use the Apple Music Converter –

  • Install the application on your Windows Computer or Mac.
  • After installation, launch the apple music converter. Once opened, your iTunes will also automatically launch to load your media files.
  • Select the songs you want to want to copy, transfer or move to android or other devices.
  • The next step is to select your preferred audio format. You could choose any of the listed formats such as flac, mp3, ac3, mka, mka, aiff, and au.
  • Tap “Start Convert” to remove the DRM on your Apple Music.

The embedded link on this section is only a free trial. You can purchase by visiting their official website.


Music downloaded to your music library or device can be deleted if you no longer have needs for them again.

To delete a song from Apple Music, click and hold the particular song, playlist, or album you want to delete. Tap “Remove.”

To remove an entire music library, go to “settings” on your iPhone, or Ipad and then proceed to “Music”. Now move your thumb to “Downloaded Music”. Remove the entire downloads by swiping to left on the ‘All Songs’ and tap ” Delete” songs.

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