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Top 5 Best eBook Reader Apps for IOS: iPhone and iPad 2023

Ebook reader apps provide an easy and fastest way for people to read or flip through pages. It is becoming an aspect that organizations, schools, or any other establishment have accepted. Sharing an ebook is very affordable and could even be downloaded by a great number of people online instead of producing copies that could incur huge money.

There has always been a debate as to which is helpful between printed materials and electronic materials. The two carry benefits, although there is no denying that electronic material is gradually picking pace due to the easy accessibility anytime on your IOS device; iPhone and Ipad.

Holding an actual copy might actually be favored by some and even deepen concentration, unlike ebooks. Most complaints about ebooks have always been people easily switching off due to the temptations that lurk around their phones. For instance, it is easy for people to divert their attention to social media pages and then lose track of time while on them.

Notwithstanding, ebooks have come to stay and publishers are now maintaining an online presence to make it easier for anyone to quickly grab their materials. Some even sell their ebook online, a move that favors not just the publisher but also the readers. The author and publisher may need to produce only one book in digital form which can be sold to several people while the readers can get them for a cheap price due to the low cost of production.

The ebook readers are available online and below are the best 5 ebook reader apps for your iPhone and iPad:

1. Scribd: Audio ebooks and ebooks

Scribd is no doubt one of the best ebook readers for any type of mobile device. It is a platform where you are likely to find all kinds of digital formats such as audiobooks, sheet music, music, articles, and more.

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Downloading the Scribd App is like having the key to all the ebooks in the world. Users can look up their preferred content by recommended titles or genres. The genres they will find on the app are Current Events, True Crime, Politics, Fiction, Personal Growth, Business, Science Fiction, Health and Wellness, Biography, Romance, Entertainment, Children, Celebrity Narrated Memoirs, Personal Growth, Cook Books, and more.

The app has a good and clean interface, making it easy for users to navigate around the platform. It also allows users to pick up from where they stopped after login in via another device.
Another benefit you will love on Scribd is the offline reading. The feature is an exciting one for those who will want to load the ebook without the need to connect to the internet.

Downloading audiobooks, save and print documents, set a sleep timer, format your text, and note-making among other benefits you can enjoy on the ebook reader.

Scribd app is not free to use, however, new users can make use of the free trial. This grants them access to all benefits for a limited period and also allows them to know more about the app. The monthly subscription fee is just $9.99.

App Store: Download Scribd For iPhone and Ipad.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is arguably the most known ebook reader app in the world and has several tools readers can use to have a better reading experience. On the app, you can get access to a large collection of books and audiobooks in various genres.

Readers are provided the options to set how they want the content to look. They could change font and text type, align the text, and choose whether they want to scroll continuously or go page by page. This helps the readers to digest the content the way they want it instead of using default settings that do not appeal to them.

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You can also sync your books across all devices. For instance, you can pause reading on your iPhone and move to your Ipad to continue from where you stopped.

There are several benefits one could derive from using amazon kindle. Being a partial-free app does help a lot. There are several free ebooks on the platform, but subscribing to the unlimited plan ensures you get access to all ebooks.

App Store: Download Amazon Kindle For iPhone/Ipad.

3. Kobo Books

Kobo books has a place among the most remarkable ebook readers app IOS users can download and install. It is a platform where you are likely going to find a lot of ebooks and electronic materials, making it easier to switch to your preference whenever you need to.

Aside from reading online, users will also be able to download files for offline reading. It also notifies you on the homepage about the content you are not through with once you launch the app. The app has been designed to make reading more exciting, thanks to the many customization tools to fit into how you want.

And if you are a Non-English Speaker, there are 10+ languages for you to enjoy your book. You can search for books or audiobooks by language by entering the title into the search field, select your preferred language under the language drop-down and have access to a wide range of books. After selection, the content will appear in your selected language.

There are lots of benefits you can’t afford to miss on kobo books. Have the app installed on your ios smartphone and you will be glad you did.

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App Store: Download Kobo Books For iPhone & Ipad.

4. My Books – Unlimited Library

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to read any book for free, My Books is surely one. My books is a free ebook reader app that provides access with no limitation as to what you can read. All books are free to read on the app. However, to access audio materials, you are to make a low monthly subscription.

The app also contains a section where you can access books that have been removed from history due to some controversies. This could be handy if you are trying to follow up on some stories that intrigue you. Besides, there are lots of categories you could look through and with over 50 thousand books in all.

If you feel that you have not been getting enough from most free ebook readers apps, you can’t just go wrong with My Books.

App Store: Download My Books For Free On Your iPhone/Ipad.

5. Libby, by OverDrive

Libby provides access to millions of audiobooks and ebooks from around the world to readers. The books and magazines can be borrowed for free and users also have the option of downloading or streaming them.

The site is a beauty to behold and the attraction itself could keep you glue on the screen. And if you feel it is not enough, you can also adjust text, change the background color, or whatever formating you feel could intrigue your passion.

Other features you will adore are listening to audiobooks via Apple CarPlay, highlighting texts, add bookmarks, access your content across all your devices, and continue from where you left it, set a timer, and many more. Libby ebook reader app is one of the apps you are going to love having around on your device.

App Store: Download Libby, by OverDrive For iPhone/Ipad.

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