Fint loan

Fint loan – How to borrow or invest your money

Are you 21 years and above, a Nigerian and need a loan? Fint loan is available for you and everyone who is into paid employment.

The best part of this loan provider is their capacity to pull up to N1,000,000. Imagine how much you can do with such a huge fund. Pay bills in time, upgrade your car, buy a land, home appliances, shares purchase, upgrade your certificate or give that business idea a push it deserves.

Money seems to be at the center of it all, if you are not financially capable at the time you need money, take chance with fint loan. As a loan beneficiary with fint, you can enjoy loan at 2% per month.

Also, you don’t need to join fint to borrow money. You can also be a lender or join hands with others to help people who need the fund and you earn returns.

Apply on fint by providing answers to risk assessment and in just few periods, you will get your first loan approved. It could be the beginning of a business relationship with the company.

Fint is one of the top-rated finance company and state-licensed money lender that uses technology and innovation to help Nigerians access credit for their personal and business needs.

Pros of Fint Loan

  • Very low and fixed interest rate.
  • Fast and easy to apply for a loan.
    Have the cash fast in just a few days.
  • Zero prepayment fees.
  • No collateral and guarantor needed to obtain a loan.
  • Borrowers loan are insured. In the event of a mishap, lenders are paid by insurance company.
  • Earn returns as a sole lender or diversify your portfolio by co-lending in different loans.
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How does fint loan work

As a borrower, the minimum cash you can get from this scheme is N20,000 while the maximum amount of loan is N1,000,000.
After you have requested for loan, you might need to wait for a few days which at times, may take about 15 days. Although, most loan requests are completed in fewer days than that.

The investors study your loan request using a risk score rating. The risk score rating used in studying your request will be financial details, BVN, credit score, and other important information.

If your loan is approved, you will be contacted by fint stating successful approval of your loan request with terms which already has been cleared to you right from inception. The loan tenor is 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Paying up early could improve your credit score, and help you access better interest rate. Imagine choosing 9 months tenors and you were able to pay up in less than 7 months, it sends a message that you are creditworthy. As banks operate, the more creditworthy you are, the more likely a bank will lend you.

Also, having a history of not paying back the loan as due or defaulting loan payment could lessen your chance of getting your loan approved.

As an investor and lender with fint, you will get updates after showing an intention to fund borrower and whether you are co-funding or not. Bear it in mind that you can only pull out your money when it is yet to be given out to borrowers.

How to apply for fint loan

Applying for loan on this platform should take less than 3 minutes, here are the procedures:

  • To borrow money, you will need to create an account first on
  • Click on “borrower” to select your account type.
  • Move your cursor down, and click on “create your account”
  • Enter your personal information including your phone number, and employment status. Always use correct details.
  • On the new page, you will need to create a username and password which will be your login credentials and click on next.
  • The next action is to enter your financial details which include BVN, bank account, fint digit pin.
  • When done, tap on complete registration.
  • Login into your profile on fint loan, answer the risk assessment test.
  • There is a N3,000 verification fee to confirm your house and work address. This is one-time payment.
  • Choose any of the available tenors.
  • Upload the documents requested which will be shared to the lender as part of the verification process.
  • After successful loan approval, the cash will be sent to the bank account you provided at early stage of your registration. Do note, there is an 8% commission fee.
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Documents to be uploaded on the site

    • Company ID/Proof of employment.
    • Bank statements for atleast 6 months.
    • Government Issued ID Card.

Penalties for making a late payment on fint loan

It is not allowed to delay payment, it is your responsibility to ensure money is available to cater for your monthly payments.

When a loan is due for repayment, the system will attempt to charge your account. If such fails, a late payment fee of 2.5% of the repayment is charged and as a borrower, you will have 2 days grace to sort it out.
This will be extended to third day, fifth day and finally 7th days.

After the period of 1 week and the borrower still do not pay, there will be another 7 days grace period in order to give the borrower enough time to make money available. If he fails to do so, another late fee is charged to his account until he pays up.

The next course of action impact negatively on the borrower’s credit score of which one of them could be an official report to National Credit Bureaus. Getting another becomes a problem once noted out.

How does lending work on Fint?

Do you have some spare cash you are not using for now? You don’t have to leave the money hanging in the bank when you can make extra cash by partnering with fint.

Security of your money is the most paramount, the team will be using high tech and highest standards of security to manage your money.

Features and Benefits of lending on fint

  • Borrow people who are looking for fund for personal uses or for business purposes.
  • Earn up to 26% to 39% per annum on the total amount.
  • All loans bear insurance cover.
    Make an impact by helping millions access affordable credit products.
  • Loans are diversified beyond bonds, fixed deposits, stocks and savings accounts.
  • Financial details are kept away from customers.
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How to lend on fint

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Tap on “lender” to get started.
    Scroll down and click on “Create your account”
  • Enter your personal details
    Choose a username and strong password.
  • On the new page, you will be required to provide your financial details like BVN, work industry, annual income.
  • Tap on “complete registration”
    Login to your profile and browse through loan requests using different criteria.
  • After seeing what you consider suitable, you can lend or invest as little as N20,000 or more.
  • Receive monthly returns on your investment.
  • 1.5% operational fee of your returns is charged.

Fint loan contact details

  • Phone number: 09082925456
  • For questions on career opportunities:
  • Email:
  • Website:

Wrapping up

Not as quick as renmoney and paylater loan app, due to the fact that there will be consultation with investors. The investors will have to carefully study the risks associated with the loan especially when you do not score high. Loan requests on fint could take days before being granted approval.

If you are looking for other alternatives, you can always go for loan apps available on play store, they are quick and some even take less than 10 minutes to get the money.

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