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UBA Nigeria Customer Care Number, Email, Live Chat & Whatsapp

United Bank For Africa (UBA) customer care is the unit of the bank responsible for helping existing and potential customers with their enquiries, requests, or complaints.

Saying you will never go to the bank after opening an account is like saying you will never take water again. Even with the transition to a cashless society, there will always be a time when you will need to contact the customer care representative at UBA for support.

The traditional method is to visit the bank when you need them, but with the massive upgrade in innovation and technology, it has become easier for UBA customers to reach out to their bank online.

Therefore, the days when you will have no choice but to visit your bank has been massively reduced, there are things that the customer care section can take care of online without you visiting the bank.

Luckily for you, there are several ways you can contact the bank – phone calls, email, online live chat, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

If you do not know their various links, this article will provide you with their URLs.


The ideal thing when you contact a brand or business customer care service centre is to get an instant response to whatever you brought before them. This is one of the reasons why calling the helpline is the best way to contact UBA Customer Care.

The waiting period is ruled out, then one can get an instant response and concentrate on other things that matter. The major drawback with calling the UBA official phone number is that it is not toll-free which of course means most people will have to use other mediums to contact them.

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Also, one may need to wait for about two to three minutes before connecting with the UBA Bank Customer Care. During the waiting period, a pre-recorded audio plays the host until any of the reps is available to attend to you.

Depending on your tariff plan, an N150 to N200 airtime should cover the call expense. Replies are often brief, but you can expect the bank to do as expected.

For all complaints & enquiries, simply call any of these these UBA customer care phone numbers – (+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA), (+234), 01-6319822, (+234) 07002255-822 and (0700-CALL-UBA).

They are available any time and any day including on weekends and public holidays.


Retail and corporate customers of UBA can also contact customer care via Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

This could be a good alternative for those who wish to spend fewer resources. With this method, you can use low or no data depending on what social media platforms you will be using.

Below are the guides to contact UBA Bank via social media:

UBA Customer Care Facebook Group Page

If you are on the biggest social media platform in the world, then you can chat with UBA customer care via the platform.

The biggest social media platform needs no introduction which of course is Facebook. It has the most users and people are easily drawn to it compared to other platforms.

Being the social media platform that has the most users, UBA bank also has secured a space. Therefore, you will be able to reach or get in touch with the customer care representative at any time.

Customers can also browse free on Facebook using MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile. This can be very relieving on days you have no Airtime or Data to reach out to UBA help centre.

UBA Facebook group page is www.facebook.com/ubagroup. You can also search for ‘UBA Group‘ on the Facebook platform. When searching, make sure you are following a verified Facebook page. A verified Facebook page comes with a blue badge beside the Company name.

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UBA Customer Care Twitter

You may not know how a story or gist could trend until you have used Twitter. It is a social platform where you get all the latest happenings from around the world.

Any bank would be smart to own a place on it considering how cool Twitter is. Fortunately, your bank is also there and you can have them at your beck and call any time and on any day you need them.

The UBA customer care representatives are there to serve you, you can expect all enquiries, complaints, and feedback to be treated by their efficient executives.

However, when using the platform. Always know what to tweet. This is very important. You do not go about revealing your ATM details on the timelines. Besides, UBA customer care will never ask that of you. All they need is your account number and confirmation that you own the account.

The most likely questions are the last 5 digits of your ATM card, names, or date of birth. Meanwhile, if you must answer these, you should take it up to their DM.

For any assistance or support, simply tweet or DM to UBA customer care Twitter handle @UBACares.

To know more about UBA products and services, simply follow UBA GROUP on Twitter @UBAGroup.

UBA Customer Care Whatsapp Number

This is not like the usual support you will get from a UBA customer care rep. This is a chat with Leo, a virtual assistant powered by a chatbot.

It can also complete most tasks given to it but will be limited by the predetermined artificial intelligence. With Leo, you can Send Money, Buy Airtime, Check Account Balance, Pay Bills and do a lot more with ease.

If you want real live conversation via text, a better alternative is to use the online live chat. With that, you will be speaking directly to real humans.

To contact UBA Leo via WhatsApp, click wa.me/2349030010007.

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Now here is another way to get an instant reply from the UBA customer care representative. The UBA live chat connects you with real humans working with the bank to give you the support or help you need.

The platform is available any time of the day including on weekends and on public holidays.

To use UBA live chat online, simply go to the bank’s official website at www.ubagroup.com/nigeria and click “Get Live Help“. It is situated at the bottom of the website page.


If you have a lot to share but need a platform that you will not need to spend much resources such as data or airtime, contacting UBA customer care via their official email address is also a good alternative.

With email, you will be able to send as much content as you want and also attach files and documents if needed. It allows the customer care representative to be able to help as they should especially when you attach screengrabs or any supporting documents.

The downside is that response might take a while, mostly between 3 to 5 hours. If you have got an urgent request, enquiries or complaints, I am afraid you may need to check the other methods.

To contact a Customer Care Representative at UBA, simply send your mail to cfc@ubagroup.com.


This is a special unit of UBA and more like a place where unsatisfied customers get their resolution after a prolonged case with the bank.

Some issues may take time to be resolved, but if it has passed 90 days, you can go to the UBA Corporate Head Office to get help. The head office will ensure that things are done in no time which could to a continued relationship with the bank.

United Bank For Africa (UBA) Head Office Address: 

57, Marina,
Lagos Island
Lagos State, Nigeria.

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