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First Bank Nigeria Customer Care Number, Online Live Chat, Whatsapp & Email

It is becoming typical for existing and potential customers of First Bank Nigeria to reach out to the bank through their customer care number, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and email.

Meanwhile, the main question is how to contact them since most people do not have the first bank contact details.

First bank is the oldest and best banks in Nigeria, founded in 1894. As a bank that has been there for people for several years, one can understand why many continue to cling to the bank for years and the reasons for the continued customer base. Everyone loves bank stability and the feeling that their money is safe

Unfortunately, the more customers First Bank has, the more difficult for customers to have their issues and complaints resolved at the bank quickly. The queues at any of the branches are enough to ruin the plans of the day if one attempts to go through it.

Customers who want to have their issues and complaints resolved can now contact first bank customer care representative online. Most issues can be resolved online and thereby saving you time and energy.

In this article, it will be outlined to you along with important things you need to know about each of the ways of getting in touch with the First Bank of Nigeria customer care.


Speaking to the First Bank customer care through mobile phone number would be the best choice for most people if they have enough Airtime to spare.

For reasons such as ATM Dispense Error, POS/Web Dispute, or Card Blocking, you will want an instant response, and putting a call through to First Bank Phone line ensures that it is a real-time conversation.

This way, you can hit quickly than waiting for hours before being attended to. They work 24/7 and you can be assured that people are there, ready to help you proffer solution to all banking related issues.

Meanwhile, this method has various disadvantages, among them is that you pay for every second you used including the time with recorded voices/tones. Also, it may take up to 2 to 3 minutes before you hear from real humans and this has been known to annoy customers the most.

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However, if you can look beyond these few drawbacks, calling via phone call is one of the quickest and best ways to get the attention of First Bank Customer Service Representative.

Now that you know, First Bank customer care can be reached by dialing their official mobile phone number: +234 1 905 2326, +234 708 062 5000 or +234 1 448 5500 (FirstContact). Now, this is putting customers 1st!.


Let us be honest, one of the best gifts technology and innovation has given us is social media. It is a place where people live, it is not s surprise that companies leverage social media to improve businesses.

One can push sales in the market via traditional means of advertising, but one can even get more from social media platforms at no cost, that is if you avoid paid ads.

If you have never used Twitter, try to stay 2 to 5 hours on the platform, you will understand why it remains the headquarters for the latest gist and gossips.

Therefore, companies and businesses want to look good on social media, and to make that happen, they will need to ensure that any issues or complaints brought before them are treated as quickly as possible.

Although, First bank has already secured a space in most popular social media and instant messaging platforms, we would only reveal their WhatsApp number, Facebook group page, and Twitter since they are the biggest and most used platforms in the world.

Here we go:

Contact First Bank Via Facebook

Facebook is the most successful social media platform in the world, with over 80% of internet users claiming to have a Facebook account. Therefore, one can understand why First Bank Nigeria secured a space on it.

Moreover, it is also one of the cheapest ways to connect or get in touch with First Bank considering that MTN, 9mobile, and Etisalat allows customers to use free Facebook. There is no excuse for not having data to browse, even with zero airtime or data, you can still chat with First Bank through their Facebook group page.

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However, responses may be delayed at times and can take up to 6 hours depending on their schedules. If you can play the waiting game, be assured that you will be contacted at the nearest possible time.

First bank facebook group page can be accessed via Customers can also search on any Facebook app or platform using ‘First Bank of Nigeria Limited’. The verified one is the real first bank facebook page and it has a blue badge indicating originality.

Get In Touch With First Bank Via Twitter

Another way to contact first bank customer care is through Twitter. The platform has always been the one for me because it is fast and almost cost nothing.

Every big business in Nigeria has already secured a space on this platform. It is a place where you get the trending gists and rumours. Therefore, a business or company that wants to survive in the long run will do all it can to manage her customer base.

As a customer, you are at an advantage, it is common knowledge that a tweet to their Twitter handle always get a quick response and this is why it remains the best for me.

First bank of Nigeria has two Twitter handles, one to advertise their products and services and the other to simply serve you.

For any issues or complaints, tweet to first bank Twitter @FBN_help or click

To check first bank products and services, check out @FirstBankngr.

First Bank Whatsapp Number

First bank is also live on Whatsapp and it is available to all first bank customers. The FirstBank WhatsApp banking platform has several functions ranging from checking of account balance, funds transfer, Pay Bills, Airtime purchase to Data purchase.

Whatsapp has always been the best platform for people to connect with friends and families. It can even be used for business purposes.

First bank WhatsApp is secure, reliable, and convenient as customers can generate WhatsApp banking PIN and all transaction authentications carried out using a safe link, which ensures the security of one’s banking details.

To use the first bank Whatsapp banking, ensure you are connected using the phone number registered to your bank account.

To get started with First Bank Whatsapp Number, add FirstBank on Whatsapp with 08124444000 or click Customers should understand this is not a real-time conversation but will provide you with the most common banking services.

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Email is not outdated and it is simply one of the best ways to pass out messages in a standardized manner. Communicating using an email will afford customers to provide more inputs via uploads of documents or files alongside the message.

There are some issues or complaints that will need a graphic illustration, customers can then attach a screengrab or a copy to make the message clearer.

This will provide the First Bank Customer Care Representatives with enough materials to work with. However, not without a disadvantage, a response could take a while and there are some issues that will need quick resolutions.

Therefore, if you can afford to wait for a few hours, then the first bank email could come in handy especially for technical issues.

The first bank email address is


If you want another quick way to connect with First bank online, then you could take advantage of First Bank Customer Care Live Chat.

This is a real-time chat with first bank customer service representative, these teams are ever ready to help with any issues, complaints, or enquiries you are interested in.

When using the first bank online live chat, ensure you are online. This can be achieved by ensuring that your internet connection is on till the end of the chats. Any disconnection might close the chat which may not be good especially if you have a lot on your plate.

To use the first bank online live chat, visit and click on live chat.


The first bank head office has been known to be a centre for tough dispute resolution.
Customers who have been unable to get the desired outcome can proceed to their headquarters. Nevertheless, any of the first bank branches have been known to have higher closed cases.

They have been well drilled, therefore, you can expect professionalism as they discharge their duties. First bank branches are in all states in Nigeria including FCT but if you still wish to reach out to First Bank of Nigeria Ltd by visiting or writing to them, check below:


Samuel Asabia House
35 Marina,
P.O. Box 5216,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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