How to Get Free 1000+ Instagram Followers and Likes Fast in 5 mins

How to Get Free 1000+ Instagram Followers and Likes Fast in 5 mins

It is understandable why anyone will want to quickly accelerate their progress on Instagram and there are ways to quickly have at least 1000+ Instagram Followers and Likes, even in 5 mins.

One of the biggest reasons why people use Instagram is because it provides an opportunity to make money.
As an influencer, you need a huge list of followers. You must have certain numbers of likes or comments to show potential clients that people interact with your page.

Besides, it could also be good for your business and brands. By increasing your traffic on IG, you are directly increasing your sales, and also building your customer base.

The hard work is trying to get your first 1000+ followers which won’t be easy unless you are a celebrity either on social media or in the real world.

We will be providing a traditional method and also provide you with the apps to increase your Instagram followers. All these methods are guaranteed to work. Meanwhile, if you are hoping to amass followers as quickly as possible, you might need to skip the first hint.


Instagram has over 600 million active users and you are about to find how you can easily make people follow your Instagram account without the use of software or fake Instagram celeb/business profile.

With these methods, your Instagram page should grow quickly.

1. Find a niche you are most confident about.

Choosing a particular niche you enjoy talking about is the first step. If you know much about fashion, then you will have no issue with providing content from time to time.

There are people who will love to know about the latest design in town, how to dress the right way and many more. You should always create a time to serve as that will be paramount towards getting new followers on IG.

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People searching for a particular topic might stumble on your post and if they think there is enough quality content, they might stick around.

2. Always share relevant and quality content.

The quality of your photos will help you gather followers fast on Instagram. Instagram is mostly known as a photo-sharing platform and you could also improve by churning out content through jpeg or png uploaded files.

Aside from uploading a quality picture, do the photos resonate with your niche? You can build a multi-niche media, but concentrating on one niche will speed up your progress. Most people would rather stay loyal with an IG account that regularly posts about topics relating to a niche.

For instance, if your Instagram was created for a Gold business, ensure you always drop hints about Gold and also things they should know about it. It could also be worth posting about your stock from time to time.

3. Ensure you connect with your Facebook Account

By using your Facebook account to sign up on Instagram, you are automatically allowed to follow your Facebook friends while they will all do the same for you. This is one of the quickest ways to get a thousand friends, but probably not in 5 mins.

If you have about 4500 friends on Facebook, and 3000 on IG, you should be able to reach the mark in no time. Your Facebook friends, being your first followers are more likely to make your Instagram page lively and could help boost your profile.

4. Adopt the use of hashtags

The use of relevant Hashtags that people are likely to use to search could help you boost your followers. For instance, if your niche is sport, you can include the hashtags # Messi, Ronaldo or currently trending words on match day to give your account visibility.

The more visibility you get, the chance your posts get likes and comments. Also, this could help you increase your followers if they think you have enough quality content that they might be interested in.

5. Engage with people posts, comments, and other content

One of the best ways to command interactions from other Instagram accounts is to interact with their content.

Normally, if you like, comment or engage with people’s posts, they are more likely to do the same for you. They will always have this feeling that they owe you and would have no choice but to do the same, even if your posts are not relevant to what they are interested in.

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It does not matter how fake the comments are, all that matters is getting your Instagram page a boost.

6. Follow people account often

By following people’s accounts on Instagram, you are indirectly telling them to follow you back as well. This has always been the rule and with this method, you could gain a massive amount of followers.

However, some may choose to not follow back. You can choose to unfollow them since the app allows you to see who you are following and who follows you.


Below are a good number of apps that you could use to increase your Instagram followers and also get likes organically:

1. Real followers and likes for Instagram

Real followers and likes for Instagram by Ins Tags is one of the top apps you can use to increase your IG followers.

The app could make your content go viral and thus increase your visibility and likes. It can also be used for comments as well.

This app is not entirely free, but you can collect coins by carrying out activities like watching ads or sharing reviews. Once you have been able to gather coins, you will be able to purchase them. It may be a little bit time-consuming, but it does what it says it does.

Despite that, the coins are easy to get but you can avoid them by paying for the premium plan.

Android: Download Real followers and likes for Instagram for Free.

2. GetInsta

GetInsta helps you to quickly get large followers and Likes organically on your Instagram account without any issues. It works by allowing users to earn likes when they follow accounts, like, or interact with followers.

With the coins earned from the activities, you will be able to use it to get followers or likes on your post. You are not only getting followers but ones that will be interested in your content.

The app is free, but you will only be able to do more by accumulating coins or purchasing the premium plan.

Android: Download GetInsta App for Free

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3. Get real followers for Instagram: taghash

Another way to gain followers on Instagram is to make use of the app called, Get real followers for Instagram: taghash.

The app has a magic profile maker that can effortlessly provide you with more likes and followers. Instead of waiting for years to boost your profile, you can easily do that using apps like this.

It can also be used to get comments on posts, but better with getting followers and likes. It may look free, but nothing is actually free even in Freetown, you must work towards gathering coins that will be used to boost your page.

Android: Download Get real followers for Instagram: taghash for free.

4. InsLikes+ Get Likes for Instagram

Having thin followers and likes will not speak volumes for your profile, you can easily get followers on your IG account by installing InsLikes+ on your followers.

You need the kind of followers that can help you convince visitors why they need to stay and the first step is using the features provided by the app. All the likes are from real people.

All you are to do is to take on some activities to accumulate points that you can convert for likes and followers. With this app, it is almost impossible to get disappointed as it gives what it promises.

Android: Download InsLikes+ for free.

5. Get real followers and like by social booster

This is another app worth checking out if you are looking to boost your Instagram account.

Maybe your dream is to become an influencer, or you simply want to feel like a celeb on the platform, nothing gives you such a feeling as accumulating likes and followers. Increasing your social counts gives your IG account a boost making it easy for people to feel you are worth following.

Android: Download Get real followers and like by social booster for free.

6. Free followers & Likes by Bartonsherry

Since the mission is to get 1000+ Instagram followers and likes fast in 5 mins, then you should also use this app to reach your goal.

This is an incredible app and very easy to use. All you just have to do is follow instructions and you will be surprised how quickly your account grows.

Android: Download Free followers & Likes by Bartonsherry for free.

7. Like4Like – Free Likes

Like4Like was developed to help users exchange likes and thereby grow their accounts through the process.

Visitors love seeing some sign of interactions on posts, and having enough likes on your videos, photos or posts will quickly accelerate the progress of your IG account.

The service can also be used on their official website,, and also offer similar service on Google chrome extension. The app gives you the option to like posts one by one or simply use a switch to like multiple accounts. One like equals one heart which you can use to get likes on your IG post.

Android: Download Like4Like for Free.

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