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Funding For Ngo – Funding Agencies In Nigeria

Are you wondering how NGOs get funded or do you have an NGO and looking for how you can fund it?
This article is designed to answer questions on funding for NGO and the funding agencies in Nigeria.

NGO means Non-governmental Organization and it is a non-profit, citizen-focused group that does not work with or for the government. These organizations are formed on local, national and international levels, to serve specific and special purposes in the society.

It is very unfortunate that today we live in a society where many things go wrong on a daily basis and little is done or nobody even cares at all. I would not say the government is not doing anything, but I am sure the government is not doing enough. Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have come in to remedy the situation, but one major setback that always hit them is how to get funds.


NGOs get money through various ways. So if you have or belong to an NGO, you have to draw your funding plan to be versatile; to cover many areas so that you cannot fallout of your mission to help humanity.


This is one of the ways NGOs get their funds. When an NGO is formed, it is formed by a team of individuals with committed spirit to help the society in a certain way. They can decide to pay dues in order to finance their cause. These dues will form their initial financial muscle.

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There are some foundations started by some philanthropic individuals. Through some of these foundations, NGOs get their projects financed. Some examples of such foundations in Nigeria are listed in the list of funding organizations in Nigeria below.


Many foreign and local agencies make budgets running into millions of dollars for just Non-Governmental organizations. Have you ever wondered what happens to that money after all? It is given to NGOs, which now uses the money to pursue their course. UNICEF and its subsidiaries is a big player under this aspect of NGO funding.


NGOs are also funded through private donations from individuals who believe in the course embarked on by that NGO. You could scout for individuals and ask them to donate and support your mission. But you must win their hearts with convincing steps you have taken, facts through photos and videos.


This is an underrated method of funding a non-governmental organization. NGOs could create a product or service they sell in order to get their projects financed. This product and/or service is dependent on what the organization can do and it must not be in the industry they are working to promote.

NGO Funding Organizations In Nigeria

NGOs have budgets which run into millions of naira. There also some organizations in Nigeria that help these NGOs achieve their projects. NGO funding organizations in Nigeria are:

  • Open Society for West Africa (OSWA) Grant
  • TY Danjuma Foundation.
  • International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Across the Lifespan.
  • Key Population Community HIV Services Action and Response (KP-CARE 1)
  • Future Leaders connect
  • ACT Foundation
  • Other agencies that fund NGOs around the world, including Nigeria are:
  • United Nations Millennium Campaign
  • Department for International Development (DFID)
  • World Forum for Civil Society
  • Ford Foundation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Action Aid
  • World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Save the Children
  • Global Environmental Facility
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